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My Top 5 Favorite Ballpark Foods


Everyone goes to baseball games to watch the sport… but also to eat the food. My preferences may sound basic, but these are the top five foods I crave while going to a ballpark.

The first food that comes to mind is a soft pretzel, but not ANY soft pretzel. At the Carilion Clinic Field at Salem Memorial Ballpark in Salem, Virginia, they have a Bavarian pretzel that keeps improving by the season. I came back this year after working for a full season, and it got raving reviews from season ticket holders. It’s always served warm and fluffy with a lot of butter and salt. In addition to that, you could also get a side of beer cheese. The cheese is my go-to choice. Last year, my coworker and I would plan daily to eat a pretzel at the game.

(Twitter//Atlanta Braves)

Next comes ice cream. The Salem ice cream from the local Homestead Creamery is delicious; however, I’m talking about the classic soft-serve ice cream in a hard helmet cup. The best is when they put sprinkles on the cup that represent the home team’s colors. The only bad experience I have had with ordering this is at Truist Park.

A hot dog is a true classic at a baseball game. This is normally a safe option to order at a game, but there can be some downfalls. Mine have truly been hit or miss, but I always find myself gravitating toward this option. The bun honestly makes the hot dog. Luckily, Truist Park did not let me down with the hot dog.

(WordNik//Andrew Malone)

This next one could be controversial, but I love getting cotton candy. I specifically crave this around the sixth or seventh inning though. It is the perfect time to end with something sweet. The cotton candy that comes on the paper funnel with the plastic bag covering it is the only acceptable kind, not the kind in the plastic container. As for color, the preference depends on the day. I do believe the colors taste different.

Finally, these two items are tied. I love Cracker Jacks or just plain peanuts. I group them together because Cracker Jacks have peanuts in the box. A box of Cracker Jacks is very addicting to eat and quick to finish. Peanuts are a once-in-a-while desire, but when I do eat them, I am satisfied. The only downside is how messy they can be.

Many parks are becoming creative with the foods they serve, I just happen to enjoy the classics. I look forward to trying new inventions at future games I go to! Comment your favorite foods to eat at a baseball game below!

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