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MLB Ballparks: Bucket List Destinations

There are so many beautiful ballparks across Major League baseball. Some are so iconic that they have earned their way onto a bucket list of baseball ballpark destinations. Here is a list of eight gorgeous ballparks, in no particular order, that are must-see attractions. 

Leading off with Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

Courtesy of MLB

Camden Yards is home to the Baltimore Orioles in Maryland. It opened in 1992 and is a beautiful ballpark located in the heart of Maryland, just next door to M&T Bank Stadium, home of the Baltimore Ravens. One key feature of Camden Yards is Eutaw Street; a festive area where fans are welcome to roam and enjoy concessions and take a look at the markers of some of the longest home runs that the ballpark has seen.

Up next is Fenway Park.

Courtesy of Fenway Park on X

America’s Most Beloved Ballpark; home to the Boston Red Sox and the oldest active ballpark in baseball, Fenway Park sits in the Fenway district of Boston. While it is the smallest ballpark in major league baseball, seating just over 37,000 fans, it has so many fun and unique features like the Green Monster and the famous red seat in right field where Ted Williams hit a monster home run to, just to name a few. Fenway is definitely a must see if you’re in the Boston area, or just looking for a fun experience to see a game.

Continuing on our list, Yankee Stadium.

Courtesy of MLB

Home to the New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium is a one of a kind experience for baseball fans. Whether you're taking in the sights and sounds of the Bronx, taking part in Roll Call, or singing along to “New York, New York”, Yankee Stadium is bound to be a fun experience for all baseball fans.

Next, Citizens Bank Park.

Courtesy of MLB

There are so many fun and unique things to do and see at the Phillies home field. One of which is Ashburn Alley, which “spans the entire outfield concourse and features The Yard experience for kids, a 10-foot statue of Richie Ashburn, a variety of concession options with Philadelphia flavor, seating areas behind the batter’s eye wall, the ’47 Alley Store, and more” ( Also in Ashburn Alley, is the All-Star walk where there are markers that feature every Phillies All-Star since the very first All-Star game in 1933. Another unique feature is ‘the 360-degree openness of the Main Concourse that gives fans a continuous, uninterrupted view of the field’ ( 

Moving right along to Busch Stadium.

Courtesy of MLB 

The views alone land the St.Louis Cardinals home stadium on this list, but there are plenty of attractions within the ballpark. Notably, the Ballpark Village which is home to the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum and Cardinal Nation Restaurant.

Next is PNC Park.

Courtesy of MLB

Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, with a beautiful view of the city and the Clemente Bridge, is PNC Park. It has plenty of in-park attractions for while you’re at the game. Not only do they have newly added kids play areas to keep young children entertained during games, but they also have a number of tasty concession stands, and the AHN Picnic Park with a beautiful view of the Riverwalk.

Moving on, we have Wrigley Field.

Courtesy of NBC Chicago

Home to the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley field is the second oldest ballpark just behind Fenway, it has many unique features and holds so much history. One more well known feature of Wrigley is the ivy covered brick wall in the outfield. Additionally, it also has one of two remaining manually operated scoreboards, along with Fenway Park.

Rounding out the list, Oracle Park.

Courtesy of Oracle Park on X

This last ballpark on the list is another one in which the views alone help land it on the list. The home to the San Francisco Giants also features “The Garden” which serves to educate fans of all ages on sustainability, and also has two bistros inside of the garden, which offer healthy menus featuring fruits and vegetables picked fresh from the Garden.

Edited by Giana Robertaccio

Social Media Content Created by Simran Sandhra and Thea Heckel

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