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MLB Players’ Weekend Is Back

Photo courtesy of MLB

Major League Baseball Players' Weekend is back for the 2024 season. Players' Weekend allows the players to express themself through their personal style. It also allows them to honor and thank the people who got them to where they are. Baseball fans are so excited to have this event back. Here is everything to know about it!

The first Players' Weekend took place in 2017 and continued annually until 2019. The 2020 season was shortened due to Covid-19 and they did not have the event. After that, the event was not brought back until this year. 

This year, Players' Weekend will take place from August 16 to 18. Friday the 16 will be a day of fun. Fans will get to see “Fun aspects of players’ personalities, friendships and off-field interests will be featured”(MLB). Saturday there will be, “Focus will be on charitable and community initiatives that are important to players.” (MLB). On Sunday, the final day, “Players will celebrate the people who helped them on their path to the Major Leagues.” (MLB).

Photo courtesy of Yahoo Sports

The main thing missing from this year’s Players' Weekend are nicknames on the player’s jerseys. During the previous years, each player had a personalized jersey with their nickname on it. While they did not bring that back, they will instead have New Era caps with each player’s number on it and a special design for the weekend. The players will also be able to wear customized cleats and use customized bats.  While many fans are upset about not having the jerseys, it still will be an exciting weekend for both players and fans. The fans get to see the players express themselves and see who they are outside of the game.

Photo courtesy of MLB

If you are looking for some games to watch during Players' Weekend here are a few you might want to catch. There will be three nationally televised games. On August 17, the Cleveland Guardians will be playing against the Milwaukee Brewers and the Los Angeles Dodgers will be playing the St. Louis Cardinals on FOX. Both games are at 7:15 p.m. EST. On August 18, the New York Yankees will be playing the Detroit Tigers on ESPN at 7 p.m. EST.

Other games you can watch are the Arizona Diamondbacks against the Tampa Bay Rays on August 16. On Saturday, the 17th, the Seattle Mariners play against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Then on Sunday, the last day of Players' Weekend, the Boston Red Sox play the Baltimore Orioles. There are many other games to watch that weekend, so make sure to watch your favorite team and players for Players' Weekend!

Edited by Shaniya Scales

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