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Professional Dress... is so fetch!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Now to start out, I promise I will only say fetch a minimum of times. Let's agree on 3. I can't guarantee I won't go over however because I just watched Mean Girls and I'm feeling a certain type of way. I guess you could say I'm feeling fetch! Ok ok, I've used up one of my slots on that word already and we haven't even started yet so let's get down to business. And when I say let's get down to business, I really mean...


I'm not sure if my mom just led me in the direction of Ralph Lauren every time we went to the mall or what but I like dressing too preppy for my own good. It's incredible how much I love a good button-down and some tweed.

But this translated really well into finding my professional style and making sure when I go to work I do not feel boring.

Confidence is key in this world and to me feeling confident has a whole lot to do with what I'm wearing.

Let's talk Office Wear


When I say I love a good high neck bodysuit with anything - I MEAN IT!

High neck goes with so much, just like how this pairs perfectly together with these black trousers. Now I know so many people hate going out in their work clothes, and I would get that if you worked at a smoothie place and you are covered in strawberries at the end of your shift (may be speaking from experience there) but this is so stylish that I would wear this to almost any event.

Ok just to throw another style basic you NEED into the mix when it comes to professional dress... light blouses. This may sound odd, but to me, a cotton collared blouse is sometimes boxy, doesn't fall right, and overall is just heavier and makes me sweat!

A light blouse is perfect to throw on with some cute, well-fitted trousers.

Look at how well these pair together to not only make her look incredibly well dressed but also chic and effortless.

This look can be styled with some classy pumps with a pointed toe... speaking of I need to get myself a pair of these.

This baby blue pants suit set is so spring and so fetch... ok I really will stop saying that now. Paired with a light blouse or a high neck bodysuit is perfect for that slightly warmer weather and the spring business casual. While this Zara blazer and pants suit set is no longer on their website, I have found some pretty close dupes.

Workwear is not meant to be boring, it is meant to be professional, but not boring. It is all in the accessories and tiny details that take an outfit to the next level. This white contrast blouse that has a bow collaring with these black trousers and gold button detailing is perfect to jazz up your work fits.

Paired with gold accessories really makes this gal look not only chic but also classy and professional. If I saw her on the street I would definitely envy her and her outfit. Like I said it is all in the details and accessories, so you can keep your capsule wardrobes, and then you can sometimes take a chance on trends through accessories. Classy bows are in? Great, buy it in black and put it on. That quilted purse with the thick gold chain is so stylish right now? Heck yeah, throw it on and do not regret it. Because when your outfit goes with everything you will never have too much trouble picking out your outfit.

The last outfit I want to showcase for being "On the Clock" is this simple but elegant outfit. The midi skirt is not only incredibly in right now, it is also so classy. Paired with your favorite basic is the perfect way to introduce this style into your wardrobe. You can add any accessories to this outfit and it will still look chic. I especially love this simple strappy pointed-toe heel because it just adds a bit of extra glam to the outfit. I would also pair this outfit with your favorite flat mule if you know you will be on your feet for a while.

Regardless of what your style is, this is guaranteed to look good on anyone. It is a timeless outfit that will always be in style but is especially trendy now. Though this is a simple pleated skirt I am going to link some other great midi skirt options that I too have in my closet.


Now what you wear off the clock Is your business. However, I believe that what you do when you are not at work is still an extension of your professional self. You can wear whatever you want, I personally love a chic look still for when I am just trotting around town. For me, this is my style, but yours is up to you! If you have a similar style to me, then stick around to see the off-the-clock looks that I love that can still represent you well as a young professional.

I love a white tee! They are endlessly able to be paired with whatever - jeans, skirts, shorts, you name it!

This look is a white tee that you can even steal from your boyfriend's closet paired with some light tan linen shorts and some strappy heels and to me, this is the perfect Summer outfit, especially if you are going to get drinks with your coworkers.

Another White Tee option

Leather shorts are literally my favorite thing I have in my closet. You cannot tell me this does not look so effortlessly cool. She is an icon, she is the moment.

This turtleneck is not exactly my vibe if I am already going the shorts route but I do have to say this is such good use of pairing the neutrals. The plaid blazer also just ties this whole outfit together. I could see myself wearing something similar to this to dinner or drinks.

To close out our off-the-clock outfits I do have to say this black blazer dress is perfect for a night out on the town. Not only does it scream "She's a put-together girl who everyone wants to be" it also is such a simple look to put together.

Personally, I would wear this with a button-up underneath just to be a bit more modest but these shoes could not be a prettier pair with this look.

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