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The Hopeful Return of the Champions for New York Sports

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

It has been quite some time since a New York sports team brought the championship home. In fact, the last to do so were the New York Giants in 2011 over a decade ago. Since then, the New York major league teams have struggled to not only make the playoffs, but to win their respective championship for many reasons.

The city is home to two NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and MLS teams and one WNBA team. Yet, with over ten teams in the metropolitan area, there’s been a long drought of winless seasons. But this year, the tables may finally be turning in New York’s favor.

After a decade of devastating losses and no major wins, several teams have recently rebounded and have a chance to bring their trophies back to the Big Apple. The question now is, which team will begin the new “championship” era in New York? The debate is among the Mets, Yankees, Rangers, Nets and Islanders.

New York baseball has always been iconic, but since the Yankees’ last World Series win in 2009, neither team has claimed the title. This year, both the Mets and Yankees are leading their divisions and have a likely chance of not only being in the World Series, but actually winning. If either team does win by the end of the postseason, New York will be home to a championship team once again.

In hockey, the Rangers completed their lengthy rebuild before the 2021-22 season and now with a newly named captain and solid team, they are once again Stanley Cup contenders. After making it to the Eastern Conference Finals and being eliminated by the then reigning champions, the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Rangers proved they have what it takes to win it all. The Islanders did not make the playoffs last year, but made an ECF appearance two seasons in a row prior, showing that they can be a championship team as well.

For the first time in nearly 10 years, the Knicks made the playoffs last season which gave their fans and the city a huge boast of hopefulness. Although the team lost early on, it is a clear indication that they could be back for more. The Nets have been a consistent playoffs team, yet usually struggle to advance further than the first round. If either team could figure out how to get around the obstacles that are preventing them from winning, they could bring a trophy back to New York as well.

Football is a weak spot for New York as both the Giants and Jets continue to struggle with being somewhat successful, although it’s time to turn a new leaf as the new season is now in full swing. It is the least likely for either football team to bring the championship home, but there’s always a possibility.

All in all, the return of the championship era to New York may be closer than fans think. With several teams on the rise and staying on pace to be real contenders, there will be a trophy back within city limits sooner rather than later.

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