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Food To Try at MLB Ballparks

At Major League ballparks across the nation, there is a variety of amazing food to try. Many ballparks are known for their signature food. There are many different foods and drinks to try at different stadiums. Here are a few you might want to try next time you are at a game. 

Yankee Stadium (Yankees) - Bronx, New York

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99 Burger

The “99 Burger'' is inspired by the number 99, Aaron Judge. There are only 99 of these burgers sold a day. The 20 dollar burger includes dill pickles, American cheese, caramelized onions, and a special secret sauce. It also has a little stick flag in it that says “99.”  This is known to be an amazing burger. 

Chicken Bucket 

The chicken bucket is a great option if you have a group with you at the game. The bucket includes multiple delicious chicken tenders and a lot of fries. Get your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy the game. 

Guaranteed Rate Field (White Sox) - Chicago, Illinois 

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Campfire Milkshake

If you have a sweet tooth, you will definitely want to try this milkshake. The campfire milkshake is like drinking a s’more. The chocolate shake is topped with toasted marshmallows, graham crackers, and more chocolate. 

Dodger Stadium (Dodgers) - Los Angeles, California  

Photo courtesy of the Los Angeles Dodgers
Dodger Dog

The Dodger Dog is a ten-inch pork hot dog. There is also a plant-based Dodger Dog and the Super Dodger Dog, which is made of beef. You can order it steamed or grilled. The hot dog toppings are usually ketchup, mustard, onions, and relish.

Citi Field (Mets) - Queens, New York

If you go to Citi Field you will have many different and exciting food options. 

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Empanada Mama

There are four delicious options of empanadas to choose from. These options consist of buffalo chicken, cheesesteak, Greek spinach pie, and Nutella banana.

Pig Beach BBQ

They have many items here such as different assortments of pulled pork, mac and cheese, and brisket. Pig Beach BBQ also has a sampler option so you can try small portions of multiple menu items. The sampler includes pulled pork, beef brisket, purple coleslaw, and mac and cheese. 

They also have many vegan and gluten-free options at the ballpark.

Camden Yards (Orioles) - Baltimore, Maryland

Photo courtesy of MLB

If you are watching an Orioles game and want affordable food you should check out the $4.10 All-Star Menu. The “410 menu” has classic baseball park food for just four dollars and ten cents. Here they have hot dogs, popcorn, soft pretzels, cracker jacks, and drinks.

If you are looking for a sweet treat during the game, Deddle’s Mini Donuts is for you. They are only available on Saturday and Sunday home games. Deddle’s Mini Donuts is a food truck and donut shop that is local in Baltimore. Here they have specialty mini donuts.

Edited by Shaniya Scales

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