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The Top 4 Best Dressed NBA Players

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The NBA tunnel is known as a fashion runway for NBA players. Fashion is a big factor for athletes–if you look good, you feel good, you play good. Athletes have cameras on them all the time, but in the tunnel they capture a different set of pictures. For athletes, their moment to shine is when they come through the tunnel before a game. That’s where they get to show their true style and how they express themselves through their style. There's a lot of controversy of who the “best dressed” is, but I’m going to go through my top four and give a rundown on why I picked them.

Photo courtesy of @OKCThunder (Twitter/X)

#1: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

My number one for best dressed has to be Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. As one of the younger players, he brings something new to the NBA world and appeals to the younger audience like myself. In the picture above, his custom Louis Vuitton jersey has a lot of popping colors in it, styled with multi-colored jeans and basic shoes. This outfit just screams how the youth try to dress now. Alexander was actually the face for the NBA X Louis Vuitton campaign, and got to walk in Thom Browne’s spring 2023 fashion show this year. With all of this, I feel like he deserves his spot for number one.

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#2: PJ Tucker

For my second player as best dressed, I picked PJ Tucker. He brings more originality to the tunnel, putting simple pieces together to make his outfits stand out. In the picture above he had a set of colors and blended them together very nicely, using the blue shoulder bag to match the blue on the cardigan and the red shoes to match the red in the cardigan. He is known for having a second pair of shoes in his hand as he walks through the tunnel. In his other hand, he brings his darker blue Goyard bag to put another shade of blue in this look. Tucker always makes sure he’s on point in the tunnel, so he had to be my second pick.

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#3: Jordan Clarkson

Coming in as number three had to be Jordan Clarkson. He’s always doing something new and expanding his style. He wears a lot of cool patterns and even does different looks with skirts. He’s big on bagger clothing, like in the picture above with his oversized jeans. He always makes sure he wears an outfit with some kind of bright color, and his hair always adds on to his outfits. Clarkson made a statement with his skirt and matching top for his New York Fashion Week outfit, but there was a lot of mixed opinion on it. Since his style stands out, I put him at number three.

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#4: Joshua Christopher

My final best dressed player is Joshua Christopher. He deserved this last spot over anybody else. He’s young and has a newer sense of style, and has even started his own clothing business, just as his father did. In the photo, Christopher was showing off his latest deal with Jordan. He has a baggy look to his style, but he pairs it with a fitting graphic top, also wearing a Balenciaga jacket paired with a darker washed jean and Off White shoes. He brings everything home for what a NBA player with style should wear.

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