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A Reflection on Early MLB Signing Predictions

The MLB offseason has officially come to a close. Earlier in the offseason, I made predictions on where five top free agents would sign, here’s how I did.

Courtesy of MLB

Starting off with 2023 Cy Young Award winner, Blake Snell. I predicted that Blake Snell would sign with the New York Yankees because at the time, they were the only team with a reported offer on the table to him. However, Snell did not end up in the Bronx. He ended up signing a two year deal with the San Francisco Giants worth $62 million. Snell capped off an already impressive offseason for San Francisco, who also signed Matt Chapman, Jung Hoo Lee, Jordan Hicks, and Robbie Ray, to name a few.  While I did get this prediction wrong, I do see Snell as a really good fit in San Francisco and he could be the piece that could help the Giants make a push for the super competitive NL West.

Next up: Jordan Montgomery

Courtesy of CBS Sports

When I made my predictions, I said that Jordan Montgomery would end up in Boston with the Red Sox but that did not end up being the case. He signed a one year deal worth $25 million with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Monty was one of the last free agent dominoes to fall as his free agency saga came to an end just two days before Opening Day. I do think that he could help the DBacks this year with their already impressive and young starting rotation, they could be a thorn in the side of other very good teams in the NL West.

Veteran DH/Outfielder: J.D. Martinez

Courtesy of CBS Sports 

I predicted that J.D. would be going to the DBacks earlier in the offseason, however that wasn’t his landing spot for 2024. Martinez will be playing his 2024 campaign in New York with the Mets. The contract is for one year and is worth $12 million. J.D. was also one of the last dominoes to fall this winter and didn’t sign until there was just under a week left in the offseason. Because of this, he will not be in the Mets lineup when they open the season against the Brewers, he has agreed to start his season in the minor leagues to shake off the offseason rust and get himself ready for the season.

Outfielder/ DH: Jorge Soler

Courtesy of Sports Illustrated 

When I made my predictions, I had Soler signing in Seattle with the Mariners. This didn’t end up being the case as he signed a three year contract of $42 million with the San Francisco Giants as a part of their very busy and successful offseason. Soler was one of many big name free agents that the Giants signed to bolster their team and give them an edge in their already competitive division.

Last, Outfielder: Cody Bellinger

Courtesy of ESPN 

In my offseason predictions, I predicted Bellinger to resign with the Chicago Cubs and that’s exactly what he did. He reunited with his 2023 team on a 3 year deal worth a total of $80 million. The contract does have an opt out after the 2024 season, but Belli will remain in Chicago for at least the 2024 season. 

Overall, I didn’t do great with my predictions that I made back in January as I only got one of them correct. But in a slow and quiet MLB offseason, predictions are always fun because markets are always changing as things happen. 


Blake Snell

  • Predicted: New York Yankees

  • Signed: San Francisco Giants 

Jordan Montgomery

  • Predicted: Boston Red Sox 

  • Signed: Arizona Diamondbacks 

J.D. Martinez

  • Predicted: Arizona Diamondbacks 

  • Signed: New York Mets 

Jorge Soler 

  • Predicted: Seattle Mariners

  • Signed: San Francisco Giants 

Cody Bellinger 

  • Predicted: Chicago Cubs

  • Signed: Chicago Cubs 

Edited by Giana Robertaccio

Social Media Content Created by Simran Sandhra and Thea Heckel

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