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A Wild Prank War to Start off the New Year

As the NHL went into the holiday break, spirits were up, and so were the jokes. Minnesota Wild goaltender Marc-André Fleury has been known for his pranks in the locker room throughout his career, and fellow teammate Brandon Duhaime is Fleury’s latest victim.

In a postgame interview on Dec. 19, Duhaime took a jab at Fleury’s age, calling the veteran netminder 50 years old, instead of his actual age, 39. After hearing about this, Fleury decided to get even with Duhaime the best way he knew how – with a series of pranks.

The first trick up Fleury’s sleeve was to mess with Duhaime’s clothes after the Wild’s next game against the San Jose Sharks. Duhaime was pictured leaving the locker room with only his coat on his back. This garnered attention from NHL fans across social media, as the pictures of Duhaime made their way to Instagram and Tiktok. The prank by Fleury was a mood booster for hockey fans, as the holiday season was just around the corner, giving them even more to cheer about.

Courtesy of Minnesota Wild

For Fleury and Duhaime, the pranks did not end there. Fleury got back at Duhaime once again a week later, after a game against the Detroit Red Wings. Duhaime left the game sporting a pair of white furry boots. Fleury once again gained the upper hand, showing Duhaime that he in fact still has some old tricks up his sleeve, getting back at him for his previous comments.

Courtesy of Minnesota Wild

This latest prank from Fleury continued the saga in this seemingly never ending prank war. Fleury’s pranks on Duhaime are harmless, but have provided good media buzz around the team. The team and fans have reacted well to this, with Fleury providing a good laugh for the NHL. At this point, Fleury had the upper hand in this war. Everyone wanted to know how Duhaime would respond to this latest prank. It had been back to back weeks of Fleury seemingly getting the best of Duhaime, so it was natural that he would respond back trying to get a good laugh out of the veteran.

During a team practice, Duhaime decided to get even with Fleury. The forward left a pink cane on Fleury’s net, inevitably making him use the cane as a replacement for his usual goalie stick. Fleury took this latest prank by Duhaime and ran with it, as the netminder used this cane as his stick during the team practice. Duhaime’s latest trick on Fleury garnered a good laugh from the goalie, as Fleury was seen laughing and using the cane to the best of his advantage. 

Photo Courtesy of Minnesota Wild

This prank war was quick to gain media attention, gathering fans from all around the NHL. Duhaime and Fleury were able to provide a nice laugh to both their teammates and fans, as well as some lighthearted holiday cheer going into the break. Their back and forth pranks may have ended for now, but are likely to return in the future.

Edited by: Jessi Dworkin

Social Media Content Created by: Audrey Pearsall

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