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According to Gabb Goudy, FanDuel Isn’t Rocket Science

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Courtesy of @gabbgoudy via Instagram

What if I told you that a biochemistry graduate working in an aerospace chemical lab decided to be a FanDuel podcaster and sports influencer instead? Well, that’s precisely what this woman in sports did.

That’s right, Gabb Goudy, FanDuel Sportsbook spokesperson and “Unsportsmanlike Conduct '' podcaster had dreams of becoming an eye doctor before achieving her current role in the sports industry. She attended Bethany College and Chatham University, graduating with a biochemistry degree. She initially wanted to attend optometry school to become a doctor, but soon realized that she had no interest in dealing with blood or touching patients.

“I thought I wanted to go to optometry school and pursue a career as an eye doctor, but I soon realized that I did not like blood and I did not want to touch people LOL so I had to figure out something else.” - Gabb Goudy for Play Ohio
Courtesy of @gabbgoudy via Instagram

With this newfound understanding of her limits and her skills, Goudy went on to apply for a green chemistry graduate program. Her biochemistry degree felt suited for the role, and it allowed Goudy to strive for sustainability. However, that wasn’t the only thing Goudy was passionate about.

Growing up, Goudy was a major athlete. She started off with T-ball before committing to softball well up until her collegiate years. She also didn’t shy away from playing basketball, running cross country and even becoming a cheerleader. And her prowess didn’t go unnoticed. Goudy was also an OHSAA (Ohio High School Athletic Association) scholarship recipient.

Courtesy of @gabbgoudy via Instagram

As someone who grew up in Ohio, Goudy affectionately refers to herself as a “delusional Cleveland sports fan.” However, she is living proof that being delulu really is the solulu. After earning the privilege of attending a scrimmage for the Cleveland Browns, Goudy produced content that took the sports world by storm.

It was the first time Odell Beckham Jr., or OBJ, suited up in the “Dawg Pound” uniform, and Goudy’s tweet featuring him on the sidelines went viral. People saw Goudy’s potential before she did, reaching out and asking if she ever considered making a career out of her love for sports.

“I said, ‘Not really,’ because I had imposter syndrome from being a scientist, but then I finally made the jump. I set up a call with the companies and decided that FanDuel is the best place for me. It has been amazing ever since.” - Gabb Goudy for Play Ohio
Courtesy of @gabbgoudy via Instagram

Today, Gabb Goudy is a sports influencer and podcast host for “Unsportsmanlike Conduct.” Live every Tuesday at 5pm, Goudy works with Brianna Pirre to cover sports in an unconventional and entertaining way. They steer clear of the typical play-by-play breakdowns and analysis, instead opting for a witty and entertaining space to talk about all kinds of sports, NFL, NBA, and MLB in particular. Hence its name, the way Goudy and Pirre talk about sports is very “unsportsmanlike.”

Courtesy of @gabbgoudy via Instagram

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