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Adrian Newey set to leave Red Bull F1 team and join hypercar project

In April of this year, Adrian Newey, chief technical officer of  Red Bull, announced his departure from the  Formula 1 team. He will leave during the first quarter of the 2025 season.

Adrian Newey has been a part of the Oracle Red Bull Racing Team since 2006 but had previously worked with McLaren, Williams and March/Leyton House. When Newey started with Red Bull, he worked with the sister team previously known as Scuderia ToroRosso. Newey has seen success both in the F1 and the IndyCar racing worlds. After all his success with the team of prancing bulls that included three world driver championships, it's time to say goodbye.

Courtesy of Red Bull Content Pool

During his time at Red Bull, Newey worked on the championship cars of both four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel and three-time world champion Max Verstappen. His ideas and teamwork have made a great impact on the team. Newey has also written a book about designing an F1 car titled “How To Build a Car.”  His departure from the team raised a lot of questions from not only fans, but other teams as well.

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Newey also piqued the interest of Ferrari’s team principal Fred Vasseur. Vasseur expressed to that Newey is a talented and successful engineer.

"Adrian, he has a mega record," said Vasseur. "He's the most successful engineer in the paddock."

Ferrari is not the only team that fans speculated Newey would be joining. Aston Martin was on the list, but once again that rumor was shut down. With the many rumors surrounding this departure, it can be hard to tell what exactly will happen in the  future for F1 designer and engineer prodigy Adrian Newey. 

However, his departure from the Formula 1 team does not mean that he will be leaving the Red Bull franchise as a whole. While he is leaving his Formula 1 duties, Newey will be in charge of overseeing the brand’s hypercar project. The hypercar project came to fruition with the help of an  engineer during the lockdown. The purpose of this hypercar is to showcase that Formula 1 speed can be accessible in a luxury car. The two-seater car will be equipped with twin-turbo V8 and a hybrid component in order to reach its full potential of showcasing its similarity to a Formula 1 car speed The new hypercar is set to debut this summer on July 12.

Courtesy of Red Bull Press Image

Adrian Newey might not be leaving the motorsport world in its entirety, but his presence and creativity will undoubtedly be missed.

Edited by: Sarah Muñoz

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