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And the New NHL Team is the Utah... : Thoughts on Some of the Name Ideas

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images / Logos courtesy of r/NHL on Reddit, Torro Media, Subwoofer Labs on, and Calvy J on X / Graphic Designed by Rebekah Haddad

In April, the National Hockey League announced that the Arizona Coyotes were relocating from Phoenix to Salt Lake City. The move will end the Coyotes’ 27-year stay in Arizona and give Utah their third major sports team. Though it is sad that the Coyotes are leaving the Grand Canyon State for the Beehive State, fans have become curious about the future name and mascot of the team. So far, ESPN released a report that includes 20 names for fans to vote on. Of the names listed, here are some that stuck out to me the most.

The Utah Hockey Club or HC: 

Out of all the options listed, this one is my least favorite. At the beginning of the NHL’s existence, teams could get away with naming their team the “Hockey Club.” Over 100 years later, I feel like the name needs to be a little more creative. Also, what would the mascot be for HC? I would imagine that the mascot would be a hockey player, which seems slightly too basic for something as new and exciting as a sports team. 

The Utah Glaciers: 

This option was one of the winter themed names that was mentioned. Because Utah thrives in winter sports, a winter-themed name for the new NHL team would be fitting. The name “Glaciers” also gives the branding department a lot of room to be creative, as they could incorporate some geometric designs with teals, blues, and purples. However, nothing about it screams “unique.”

Photo Courtesy of Scott Burnside / Logo Courtesy of Torro Media / Graphic Designed by Rebekah Haddad

The Utah Outlaws:

This name is pretty neat and definitely unique. If the NHL decided on this name for the new team, it would be a smart move. For starters, it would make the team the only team in the Western Conference with a western themed name and would fit well into Utah’s culture. Additionally, branding could use a similar color scheme to the Coyotes’ current one. “Outlaws” are typically seen as tough and gritty, which are characteristics that embody the sport of hockey.

Photo Courtesy of Forbes / Logo Courtesy of Calvy J on X / Graphic Designed by Rebekah Haddad

The Utah Swarm: 

The Swarm totally fits Utah. After all, as mentioned earlier, Utah is nicknamed the Beehive State. Bees symbolize perseverance and community, with each person working together to be successful or hockey teammates collaborating to win the Stanley Cup. It would be cool to have an NHL team with a fierce-looking bee logo. Also, if the team was the Swarm, the arena could be called “The Hive,” which would be a great connection.

The Utah Mammoth:

This idea is the fan favorite so far. In prehistoric times, mammoths were a force to be reckoned with, being one of the largest creatures besides the dinosaurs. Mammoths used to roam Utah thousands of years ago, and their fossils have been found all over the state, so the animal has a very close tie to Utah’s local history. I think the logo for a mammoth would look amazing and it would be neat to have a mammoth mascot in the NHL.

The Utah Yeti:

One of the coolest ideas, the name rolls off the tongue and would be an original team name; no NHL team has been named “Yeti” before. Additionally, because yeti are mythical ice creatures, it is a perfect mascot concept for a winter-weather sport. There are also so many different takes that the branding team could take: they could either use a yeti head or body as a logo or even use the yeti footprint. The yeti idea is creative; however, it has no connection to Utah.

Courtesy of Cat Country Utah

The Utah Black Diamonds:

This name is my favorite one listed. It sounds classy and is a unique concept that is unlike any NHL, Or other North American sports franchise. Additionally, the name has a close connection with Utah because the state is known for skiing. Black diamond ski slopes are the most difficult, and only the most advanced skiers can complete them. Similarly, only the elite hockey players can make it to the NHL. A black color scheme would be sleek and classy, and it would give the team’s new owner, Ryan Smith, the opportunity to use the black and white color scheme that he wanted to use for the Utah Jazz. This name seems like an overall win.

Photo Courtesy of ESPN / Logo Courtesy of r/NHL on Reddit / Graphic Designed by Rebekah Haddad

Out of these names mentioned, it is clear that some are great and that some may need some more creativity. It has been amazing to see how everyone, from fans to league executives, has come together to choose the perfect name for this franchise. It will be exciting to see what the team name will be!

Edited by Emma Habel

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