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Astros vs Phillies: The World Series Stage is Set

The games are set, now the question rings: Who will take the crown?

The AL and NL pennants have been clinched and the road to the World Series is right around the corner. The Houston Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies will face off in Game 1 on Friday at Minute Maid Park in Houston.

The Astros are back in the World Series for the second year in a row, this time against a new NL opponent, their fourth appearance in the last six seasons.

Houston is stacked inside and out. Their roster has incredible depth and amazing starting pitching that attributes to much of their success so far in the postseason. In fact, the Astros are undefeated in the playoffs thus far, having swept the series against the Mariners and most recently the ALCS against the Yankees.

While the Phillies may not look as good on paper as the Astros, they have proven to be a serious threat in the playoffs. Their series win against the Braves is the most impressive in my book; coming out on top of a team that led the National League and is as explosive as Atlanta is incredibly impressive, especially from a team that got by through the Wild Card.

Houston is the obvious favorite just by looking at these two teams in terms of roster depth and stats. However, with that said, Philly is not an easy target.

With the studs in Harper, Schwarber, Hoskins, Bohm (the list goes on), the Phillies have the intense offensive power that the Astros are lacking a little bit. Philly is a team that can hit and can rally. With the momentum that they are feeding off of from their wins against San Diego, Phillies fans should feel really good right now.

Here’s my prediction for how this is all going down.

As long as Philly can split the first two games in Houston, being back on their home field will prove to be the biggest advantage any team could possibly get. We all know Philly sports fans are some of the most passionate in the game, and with those fans behind the Phillies, it seems almost impossible for them not to get the wins at home.

So, with the heart of Philadelphia sports fans, I believe the Philadelphia Phillies will be your 2022 World Series Champions in a full series of 7 games.

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