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BookTok Boys Come to Life

Everyone has been waiting for this one. While in the midst of the 2023 Stanley Cup playoff season, the NHL has been taking over BookTok—the online community of book fanatics sharing their favorite novels across TikTok. With hockey currently being one of the trendiest sports on the internet, fans have been casting their favorite hockey players as the main characters in their favorite books. So, let's dive into which book characters I would cast my favorite hockey players as.

Roman Josi
Instagram: @rjosi90

The Deal” by Elle Kennedy: Roman Josi

Of course, we have to start off with the current king of the fictional hockey world—Garrett Graham. The captain of his team at Briar University and a caring man who would not only be your friend, but your protector. The NHL player that comes to mind is Roman Josi of the Nashville Predators. Like Garret, Josi is also the captain of his team, would be the perfect fit for the role, and would be the player you’d have to implement a campus-wide hands-off rule for! (iykyk.)

Mathew Barzal
Instagram: @barzal97

The Mistake” by Elle Kennedy: Mathew Barzal

Everyone and their mother can agree that Matt Barzal is the perfect athlete to be cast as Kennedy’s, John Logan. Logan is known as Garret Graham’s best friend in the books and ends up playing together but unfortunately, we had to put them on separate teams. Logan’s chill personality matched with Barzal’s laidback character is a match made in heaven. Barzal is known as a caring man who would do anything for the people he loves just like we know John Logan to do.

Alexander Wennberg
Instagram: @alexanderwennberg

The Score” by Elle Kennedy: Alexander Wennberg

When I first read The Score and was introduced to Dean Di Laurentis, I immediately thought of Alexander Wennberg. Wennberg is a center for the Seattle Kraken who introduced the NHL and BookTok at the start of the playoffs. He has the hair and the smirk that we all know Dean uses to get the ladies and Wennberg is doing exactly that, IRL. Wennberg has been cast as other players on TikTok, but in my mind, he is Dean Di Laurentis. He is also married to Felicia Weeren Wennberg, who could be a spitting image of Allie Hayes.

Tyler Sequin
Instagram: @tseguin92

The Chase” by Elle Kennedy: Tyler Seguin

For someone to compare to the quiet and brooding Colin Fitzgerald the one person who came to my mind was the Dallas Stars Center, Tyler Seguin. His detailed arm sleeves and dashing beard makes him the perfect athlete to play Colin. He is quite literally the Colin Fitzgerald of our dreams.

Jack Hughes
Instagram: @jackhughes

The Play” by Elle Kennedy: Jack Hughes

This one might be a little controversial but when I think of Hunter Davenport, I think of Jack Hughes. We meet Davenport in Kennedy’s novel about Dean while he and Davenport are working together on their skills. But in his own book, his character can get a little wild. Davenport has a sarcastic personality and sassy attitude that can make a girl go crazy, both of which are seen in Hugh’s interviews which is why I cast Hugh as the perfect man to play him.

Trevor Zegras
Instagram: @trevorzegras

Icebreaker” by Hannah Grace: Trevor Zegras

Another book that grew popular from BookTok is Icebreaker. Once you’ve read the book it’s impossible not to fall in love with the main character, Nate Hawkins. The only player that came to mind when compared to Hawkin’s caring and charming personality was Trevor Zegras. They’re both the golden retrievers, lives of the party, and Swifties of hockey so it was a no-brainer when pairing these athletes up.

Ryan Reeves
Instagram: @reavo7five

Mile High” by Liz Tomforde: Ryan Reeves

When I first read about Tomforde’s main character, Evan Zanders, I had a hard time thinking of who I would have played him. While reading the book I had to think of a player who was a fighter on the ice and a big softie off the ice and the only person who came to mind was Ryan Reeves. Reeves is known for being a tough opponent on the ice and when he’s not suited up he is known as a nice guy who does a lot of charity work for the team—he’s the perfect resemblance of Zander Evans.

Edited by: Sarah Wingo

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