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Everything is Bigger in Texas

Since 2012, The United States Grand Prix held in Austin, Texas is something many U.S Formula 1 fans look forward to. Due to the attendance of around 440,000 fans each year, it is no surprise that the race has become a fan favorite and here is why.

The Outfits:

Texas is known for its elaborate style when hosting big events. The drivers are known for showing up to race weekends in unique outfits. When it comes to Texas, the drivers are sure to bring their A game. Daniel Ricciardo and is famously known as an “honorary Texan” when it comes to race weekends at the Circuit of the Americas. In 2021, during the driver’s parade, he rocked a University of Texas jersey along with a cowboy hat. He even went as far as doing a southern accent when being interviewed. However, last year was where he really stood out. In true Texas fashion, Ricciardo arrived at the paddock in full cowboy style riding a horse which he named "Horsey McHorseface."

Courtesy of Jim Watson/Getty Images

The Food:

It is no surprise that Texas is known for its unique cuisine and there are a lot of options that can be expected during a typical race weekend in Texas. From ribs to burgers, there is quite a variety to choose from during the race each year. According to, this year the food will range from J-Gibbs BBQ to Southside Flying Pizza and food trucks like Meat Your Heart and DonutNV. Other than the race, the food is always something to look forward to when visiting the Circuit of the Americas.

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The History:

Before Austin, Texas became the official home of the United States Grand Prix, the race had moved around quite often. Ranging from California to Detroit and even Phoenix, the U.S. Grand Prix had many homes before officially settling in Texas. In 2012, Texas became the official state to host the U.S. Grand Prix and has been doing it for 10 years now. In its first year in Texas, Lewis Hamilton was the first person to win the United States Grand Prix and the Circuit of the Americas in 2012. Although Sebastian Vettel had taken pole position that weekend during qualifying, it was ultimately Hamilton that took the victory. To keep up with the cowboy style of Texas, the winner of the race is also known to receive a cowboy hat to wear at the podium.

Courtesy of Reuters

There is a lot that can be expected from this race, which is why many decide to attend this race every year. For many of the drivers, it is like exploring an unknown land with a vibrant atmosphere and exciting fans. The United States Grand Prix being held in Texas has a lot of history behind it and a lot of meaning as well. Whether you are a first-timer or frequent visitor here at the Circuit of the Americas, there is no denying that you will end up having the best time there.

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