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“Fast Times” and Fast Tracks; Drivers and the Sabrina Carpenter Songs They Relate To

Updated: Jun 21

From Girl Meets World to opening for Taylor Swift’s Latin America leg of the Eras tour to having a setlist at Coachella, Sabrina Carpenter has recently been the one of the most talked about artists. With hits like “Feather”, “Espresso”, and her newest single “Please, Please, Please”. Whether you're a motorsport enthusiast, a music lover, or both,get ready for this playful mashup of speed and sound!

Lewis Hamilton- “Please, Please, Please”

Courtesy of Ciancaphoto Studio/ Getty Images

Carpenter’s newest single, “Please,Please, Please”, alludes to her new relationship with actor Barry Keoghan and how she does not want to be made a fool because of it and his past. With his recent signing to Ferrari for the upcoming 2025 Formula 1 season, many were shocked at his abrupt decision to leave the team that helped him acquire six world championships. The last time Ferrari produced a world championship was Kimi Räikkönen in 2007, and since then have struggled to produce another, and the miscommunication between strategies in the past has certainly not helped their case. Much like Carpenter’s lyrics, “ I know I have good judgment, I know I have good taste/ It's funny and it's ironic that only I feel that way/I promise 'em that you're different and everyone makes mistakes/But just don’t,'' Fans can hope that new leaf that Ferrari has turned over in the last few years will hope Hamilton’s reputation and not damage it.

Oscar Piastri- “Eyes Wide Open”

Courtesy of Clive Rose/ Getty Images

Although he is no longer in his rookie year, Oscar Piastri is still one of the youngest drivers on the grid, yet he has achieved a lot during his time so far. During his rookie year, he scored his first points in Australia, scored points in Monaco, and Silverstone; during his first time racing at the Suzuka International Racing Course, he managed to finish the race in third place, earning his first podium in F1 and at the Qatar Sprint race he earned his first sprint win. Just like the bridge from “Eyes Wide Open,” “All I have is just this moment/I don't wanna miss a second/'Cause it could all be gone in an instant/Yeah, in an instant,” it is clear to the F1 franchise that Piastri knows the once in a lifetime opportunity that he has and is willing to work hard to keep it.

Jamie Chadwick- “Sue Me”

Courtesy of Joe Skibinski/IMS

As only one of three women currently racing in the INDY NXT series, Jamie Chadwick recently scored a first-place podium at the Road America circuit in Wisconsin. This podium makes her the third female winner in the series’ history after Pippa Mann in 2010 and Ana Beatriz in 2008. The “Sue Me” bridge, “I, I, I/I guess I'm hard to ignore/Pick up that jaw off the floor,”  perfectly describes the attention that Chadwick has received throughout her racing career and the dominance that she has shown.

Logan Sargeant- “Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying”

Courtesy of Williams Racing

As the only American on the grid, Logan Sargeant has been known to try, try, and try during his time in Williams. Which is why the chorus, “And even if I always end up crying/No, you can't blame a girl for trying,” resembles Sargeant’s effort with Willliams throughout his year and half in the most competitive level of  motorsport.

Charles Leclerc- “On Purpose”

Courtesy of The Athletic

After first being signed to the team for the 2019 Formula 1 season, it has been clear that Charles Leclerc is Ferrari’s “golden boy.”  The mutual respect the team and the driver have for one another is an admirable trait. Ferrari’s dream of cultivating another World Driver Champion intertwines with Leclerc’s dream of winning the Driver’s Championship. The alliance between the team and the young driver can be described by the second verse  lyrics, “My dreams running into your dreams/It's as if we wished on the same star/And my time changing all of your time/It's a butterfly effect on my heart,” and how they hope to achieve the same dream.

Edited by: Sarah Muñoz

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