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Fernando Alonso and Aston Martin back on the podium

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

After a semi-successful Spanish Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso managed to score points in 7th place but broke his consistency record of being in the top five throughout the races so far this season. Seventh place is not bad considering the driver is still eligible for points which ultimately help the team as a whole in the constructors championship. Yet, the Spaniard expected more from himself considering this was his home race.

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It came as a shock to many seeing that two-time world champion Fernando Alonso did not receive a podium during the Spanish Grand Prix, let alone finish outside of the top five. No one was more disappointed at this result than Fernando Alonso himself. According to,Alonso commented, “It will not happen again. This is the last race without a podium.” As if his words could have predicted the future, two weeks later Alonso was back on that podium at the Canadian Grand Prix.

During the free practices at the Canadian Grand Prix, Alonso showed a good pace and set good times. In free practices one and three, he managed to hold on to that third place spot. Meanwhile in free practice two,he dropped down to fourth place. In the qualifying session Fernando was able to showcase his talent once again and qualify in third place. However, he ended up starting alongside Max Verstappen in second due,Nico Hulkenberg receiving a penalty. On top of the penalty, Aston Martin had the advantage for this race due to receiving upgrades that included new sidepods and a new rear wing assembly. The weather in Montreal was a bit touch and go seeing as there was a probability of rain, but in the end resulted in a dry race.

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When it came to lights out, Verstappen quickly took off and led the race with Alonso trailing behind,but was overtaken by Lewis Hamilton. However, in the fourth lap, he was able to recuperate and use DRS in order to overtake Hamilton. As the race continued there was a virtual safety car due Sargeant’s car stopping, another safety car due to Russell hitting the wall on the 12th lap which allowed the leaders of the race to go in for a pit stop. In the end, it was Verstappen who won the race with Alonso back on the podium in second and Lewis Hamilton completing the podium in third.

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With Alonso and Aston Martin’s triumphant return to the podium, there is a lot of expectation for the team as the season continues. Aston Martin has only just started unlocking Pandora’s box with the ways that they can dominate this season. The current constructor’s standing is Redbull in first with 321 points, Mercedes in second with 167 points and Aston Martin following closely behind in third place with 154 points. A year ago, it would have been hard to believe that Aston Martin would currently be in the top three teams in the constructor’s standings, let alone being close to overtaking Mercedes for second place. The new improvement in the team can be credited to Alonso’s “Plan” and his determination for the sport and the idea to prove that even as one of the older drivers in the grid, he still has a lot to prove for the fans of the sport.

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