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From Waiting On People to Ruling TSN, Jordan Cicchelli is the Cinderella Story of Sports

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Courtesy of @jordancicchelli via Instagram

There's almost no way to tell Jordan Cicchelli’s story without comparing it to Cinderella’s. But I’d argue that Jordan’s more of a queen than a princess. The reigning queen of TSN.

Believe it or not, Jordan’s first job was working as a food and beverage attendant for MLSE, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. Despite those humble beginnings, she still got her foot in the door that led to the sports industry.

The sports creator has always held a deep passion for baseball, even playing softball during her time at Brock University, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management. After graduating from Brock, Jordan embarked on postgraduate study at Centennial College for Sports Journalism.

Courtesy of @jordancicchelli via Instagram

After graduating from Brock, Jordan snagged an internship with MLSE, where she was tasked with assisting with the production of promotional videos and interviews as well as creating social media content for various events within the community. A year later, Jordan’s role as a Sports Journalist for the Toronto Observer served as the ultimate breakthrough in her career.

Courtesy of @jordancicchelli via Instagram

As an official sports journalist, Jordan was free to indulge in the privileges of traveling to international locations for reporting jobs, photographing various sporting events (with an emphasis on baseball), and even producing videos that highlighted the fan experience. Her love for baseball took form in “Ball Girls Podcast,” a podcast co-hosted by Jordan herself and fellow sports writer, Hayley McGoldrick. Featuring interviews with coaching staff, recruiters, and basically any woman making a name for herself in the world of sports, it’s plain to see how Jordan uses her platform to amplify the voices of others.

Courtesy of @jordancicchelli via Instagram

Today, Jordan is a content creator for Canada’s TSN channel. She is renowned as a “fun baseball personality” who produces nothing short of authentic and entertaining. This was especially prevalent when Jordan gained everyone’s attention when she made the bold decision to consume a poutine hot dog every time the Blue Jays hit a home run.

Courtesy of @jordancicchelli via Instagram

As a liaison between Sports Center and the TSN channel, Jordan serves as the link between sideline reporting and live television. But while she’s mostly responsible for creating noteworthy content via social media, Jordan most recently attended the viral Savannah Bananas game in Savannah, Georgia where she didn’t fail to exceed expectations with her interview with Coach Viro, the mastermind behind the Bananas’ rise to fame.

Courtesy of @jordancicchelli via Instagram

My attempt to avoid the cliche will fail now, but Jordan’s story seems to be concluded with a happily ever after. She is tangible proof that dreams of working in sports aren’t as far-fetched or impossible as one might think. Regardless of your first job, or the major you studied during higher education, it’s not impossible to become a woman in sports as long as you’re willing to put in the work and keep persevering.

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