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How is Your Favorite MLB Team Doing This Season? American League Edition

Updated: May 24

American League East

New York Yankees:

Courtesy of the New York Yankees

Starting off with the team that is dominating the AL, the New York Yankees. With 34 wins and 17 losses, the Yankees have done a complete 180 since their 2023 season. They are the first AL team to get to 30 wins. Their record is currently 34-17, with the help of the new additions to the team: Juan Soto and Alex Verdugo, who have been doing exactly what they need to do. Leadoff hitter Anthony Volpe has an ongoing hitting streak of 15 games. And of course, Yankee's captain has been pulling his weight and doing great.

Baltimore Orioles:

Courtesy of the Baltimore Orioles

Another team that has been totally killing it in the AL is the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles are currently 29-18. During the offseason they acquired pitcher Corbin Burnes, who has been a big help with their pitching. Gunnar Henderson and Adley Rutschman have also already made a huge impact on the team. Henderson already has 16 home runs, Rutschman has nine, and they have 35 and 28 RBI’s, respectively. 

Boston Red Sox:

The Red Sox have started off the season with 26 wins and 24 losses. Rafael Devers has the highest batting average for the team with .277. Devers has hit 10 home runs and 23 RBIs so far. Tanner Houck has been a significant help for the team pitching wise. He has an ERA of 1.94 and has had 62 strikeouts. 

Tampa Bay Rays:

The Tampa Bay Rays have a current record of 25-26. Yandy Díaz has been a big contributor to the wins the Rays are getting. Díaz has a batting average of .255 with four home runs and 25 RBIs. 

Toronto Blue Jays:

The Blue Jays are currently in last place in the American League East with a record of 22-26. The Blue Jays have not been doing as well as they would probably like right now. While the team as a whole is not doing that great, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is doing pretty well. His batting average is .279, which is the highest on the team. In the 2023 season, the Blue Jays finished in third place in the Al East and in the 2022 season, they finished in second place. Hopefully, the team can make some big improvements for the rest of the season.

American League Central

Cleveland Guardians:

Courtesy of the Cleveland Guardians

A team that has had a surprisingly good start to the season is the Cleveland Guardians. The Guardians are currently leading the AL Central with a record of 33-17. José Ramírez has been doing good things for his team with already 12 home runs and 45 RBIs. Josh Naylor is another who is doing quite well; he currently has 12 home runs and 34 RBIs. 

Kansas City Royals:

The royals are in second place in the AL Central. They ended the 2023 season in 5th place (last place) in the AL Central- so they have already come a long way and are making the right moves so far this season. They have a current record of 32-19. Bobby Witt Jr. is a big reason the Royals have been doing so well; he is batting .308 and has seven home runs and 33 RBIs. 

Minnesota Twins:

The twins are in third place in the AL Central with 26 wins and 23 losses. Willi Castro and Ryan Jeffers lead all the teams stats offensively. Castro has a batting average of .262 and Jeffers has hit 32 RBIs. Joe Ryan has been pulling in his weight with the pitching. He has struck out batters 64 times this season. 

Detroit Tigers:

The Tigers had a strong start to the season and were the last undefeated team in the MLB. They now have 23 wins and 26 losses. While they are not doing quite as well as when the season first started, the players are definitely still putting in the work. Riley Greene leads the Tigers in batting average, runs, and home runs. The Tigers have hit a combined total of 39 home runs. The Tigers pitchers have struck out batters 436 times.

Chicago White Sox:

The White Sox have a record of 15 wins and 35 losses so far this season. They currently have the most losses in the MLB. The White Sox struggle offensively but still put in the work. The team has a combined 35 home runs and a batting average of .216. Erick Fedde has the best ERA on the team of 3.10. Garrett Crochet has been striking out batters pretty often with 74 strikeouts.

American League West

Seattle Mariners:

Courtesy of the Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners have had a pretty decent start to the season with a record of 27-23. Josh Rojas has been a big help to the team so far. Rojas is batting .390 with three home runs and nine RBIs. Pitchers Luis Castillo and George Kirby have also made quite an impact on the Mariners this season. Castillo has an ERA of 3.29 and has 66 strikeouts in the 60 innings he has pitched. 

Kirby has an ERA of 4.01 and has pitched 56 innings and has 54 strikeouts.

Texas Rangers:

The World Series 2023 champs, the Texas Rangers, have started their season off with 24 wins and 26 losses. This was probably not how many people thought they would start their season off. While they still have some improvements to make, Adoils García has definitely been stepping up to the plate and putting in the work. So far he has 11 home runs, 35 RBIs, and four stolen bases. Their current pitching ERA averages to 4.11. Fans could hope the Rangers can get back that same fire they had last season.

Houston Astros:

The Houston Astros have 22 wins and 28 losses so far this season. The Astros are another team that has done a complete 180 this season, but not in a good way. In the 2023 season, the Astros finished in first place in the AL West. While the Astros have hit a rough patch, one player that has still been consistently good is José Altuve. With a batting average of .291, he has 59 hits, nine home runs, and 18 RBIs. Kyle Tucker is another player that has been putting in good numbers for the Astros. Tucker leads not only the most home runs for the Astros but for the MLB with 17 home runs.  

Los Angeles Angels:

The Angels so far have 20 wins and 30 losses. They definitely have not started the season how they would have liked. Taylor Ward leads the team in batting average, runs, RBIs, and is tied with Mike Trout for home runs. They have both 10. The Angels ERA averages to be 4.54, which is one of the worst in the whole league right now. Only four teams have a higher ERA than the Angels. Hopefully fans can see that ERA get lower and some more hits offensively for some more wins. 

Oakland Athletics:

The A's currently have almost the same record as the Angels, 20-31. The team as a whole has 62 home runs and has an ERA of 4.46. There are some improvements the A’s can make going forward but Brent Rooker has been doing good things for the team. He has been hitting .294 with 11 home runs and 32 RBIs. The team’s batting average is .219. If the batting average goes up hopefully the fans can see the A’s do some exciting things.

Edited by Giana Robertaccio

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