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How Well Are Freddie Freeman and Matt Olson Adjusting to Their New Team?

First Pitch: Matt Olson doesn’t need to be Freddie Freeman for Braves to succeed

By: Bella Beltran

Editor: Gabrielle Nordstrom

After a long and controversial off season in 2022, the Atlanta Braves found themselves a new first baseman. Locking Matt Olson in for eight years and 168M. While their previous first baseman, Freddie Freeman was very unsure of where he wanted to go after rumors were spreading very quickly and having every baseball fan at the edge of their seat waiting for the news to come. Eventually, he signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers for six years and 162M.

Now, the two first basemen are headed into their second season with their new teams.Both teams are first place in their division. The Atlanta Braves were off to a hot start, now holding a record of 25-15 & only four and a half games ahead of the Philadelphia Phillies, As for the Los Angeles Dodgers, they’re 26-15 and two and a half games ahead of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

They are now locked in with the best teams in the National League right now but, How have they been adjusting at the plate and on the field then and currently?

Freddie Freeman was exactly what the Dodgers needed despite already having Max Muncy. After an incredible first season, Freeman was ranked second best first basemen of the 2022 season with Matt Olson at 9 out of 25.

Matt Olson had an incredible start as a brave in 2022 with very high expectations that he had to meet. With 616 at bats last season with the Braves, hitting .240, OBP of .325, slugging .477, with an OPS of .802. Matt Olson scored 86 runs last season, including 34 home runs, 111 RBI’s, with a combined 148 hits. Without a doubt, Matt Olson did his job and helped lead the Atlanta Braves to a 101-61 season finishing in first place.

Freddie Freeman put up great numbers as well. Freeman had a batting average of .325, OBP .393, Slugging .511, with an OPS of .918. With slightly less AB’s, Freeman contributed by scoring 117 runs with the Dodgers. Including 21 HR, 100 RBI’s, and 199 hits.

How are these two doing now heading into the 2023 season?

Freedie Freeman 2023 Stats:






DRS- (-1)

rPM- (-1)



Matt Olson










Regardless of the stats listed, both teams secured themselves with decent first basemen. Both Freddie and Matt have the rest of the season to improve on the field and at the plate. The two seem to be adjusting just fine with their new teams.

What more can we expect from these two moving forward? Will Freddie Freeman continue putting up great numbers? Will Matt Olson have the revenge season we’ve all been waiting for? We’re in for an exciting season with so much more ball to play. These talented guys aren’t done yet.

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