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If you can see her, you can be her: International Women’s Day at PWHL TORONTO

It’s true what they say, small actions can make the biggest impact. And the biggest

impact it did make. For International Women’s Day, PWHL revealed their new jersey

designs in partnership with Molson Brewery.

Courtesy of Molson Brewery

Although the designs of the jerseys remained the same, the placement of sponsors and athlete’s names were swapped. Molson placed their logo in the traditional location on the back of the jersey where an athlete’s name usually goes and moved the players name to be underneath theirnumber. The reasoning was simple, see her name. Women’s athletes usually have their names get covered due to their long hair. By replacing the positioning of athlete’s name, more visibility gets added to the players. Fans can now see the names of players like Spooner, Nurse and Fast more easily on jerseys.

Courtesy of Simran Sandhra

The partnership with PWHL was also announced to be a multi-year contract. The

intentional investment towards women’s sports shows how important it is to increase

player visibility and create equality in the sport through the correct needs. Molson’s

popular catch phrase “we covered our name so hers can be seen” was very moving and inspiring as the company’s goal is to increase inclusivity and equality in sports, sending a powerful message that female athletes deserve to be seen.

Courtesy of Simran Sandhra

The league’s leading goal scorer, Natalie Spooner was excited over this new

partnership and was a fan of the new jerseys. In a press conference after the game she expressed, “I think it’s pretty cool… The main thing has always been 'oh we wear cages,' but this is something that is so simple that maybe we didn’t think of this, and Molson thought of it and brought this ‘See Your Name’ initiative to us.”

This is the first initiative that Molson has brought towards the PWHL in order to increase inclusivity, and the company plans to bring more innovative ideas in the future.

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