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Is It Time for Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers to Retire?

It’s hard to say when it’s the right time to retire, whether that be from your 9-5 or from your job playing professional sports. Those in sports typically have that time determined for them, whether that be from career-ending injuries or they are simply unable to be traded and retire in free agency. Thus, many athletes never approach the time in their career when fans are calling for, and even hoping for, their retirement. However, it seems that the GOAT Tom Brady and talented quarterback Aaron Rodgers have both reached this time in their careers. In fact, Tom Brady previously retired, then returned to the league 40 days later. In that case, it doesn’t really count as retiring. So why has their time come?

For Tom Brady, his time may have come when he left the New England Patriots, but many may not see that as the case. While Brady did win one Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, his best work was most definitely done while on the Patriots. During the current season, Brady seems to be struggling with quite a bit outside of football. It is now known that his wife Gisele Bundchen has filed for divorce and the pair have separated. While this does not technically affect his career, many fans have noticed a change in Brady on the field this season. The change has been vastly negative and hindered his ability to win, the thing everyone loves most about him.

For Aaron Rodgers, his time has come after too many years to count with the Green Bay Packers. This season, Rodgers seems to be playing unlike himself, and many viewers are having a hard time pinpointing why. No one knows exactly why the season has had this trajectory thus far for Rodgers, except for maybe the training staff and Rodgers himself. In the public, Rodgers has chosen to blame anyone but himself for the issues with this season. While that could be the case, it is hard to imagine that he is not at fault somehow.

At the end of the day, it is hard for anyone to give up on their dream, even when they’ve been lucky enough to live it for years. For Brady and Rodgers, it seems it might be time to step away from the limelight and away from football. No one wants to retire at the lowest point in their game, but sometimes it is necessary.

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