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Lone Star Showdown

Courtesy of: Jarret Johnson

The Lone Star Showdown is back after a 13-year Hiatus.

The Texas A&M Aggies vs. Texas Longhorns is one of the most rivaled stories of all time. There has been a drought of 13 years since the teams last played each other, but with Texas moving from the Big 12 to the SEC the rival game is set to return. The game will be played on A&M home turf at Kyle Field.

Since the first meeting on Oct. 19, 1894, where the Longhorns beat the Aggies 38-0. The last meeting between the two teams was on Nov. 24, 2011, and the winner of the game was the Longhorns, beating the Aggies 27-25. The Longhorns hold the all-time lead of the series 76-37-5.

Courtesy of: Chuck Burton

Although the teams have not played each other for quite some time the hatred for both sides is still there. The barstool accounts from both of the schools have been posting memes of the other trying to get their fans involved and hyped for the upcoming game.

Courtesy of: Tim Warner

Like any other school rivalry pranks are often pulled on one another. Rumor has it the famous Longhorn mascot, Bevo, actually got his name from a prank that was pulled by some A&M pranksters. This prank came from a 13-0 win over the Longhorns on Nov.19, 1915. The score, 13-0, was shaved into the coat of the Longhorn mascot of the time. After successfully shaving the score into the coat the Longhorns decided to turn the score into the word Bevo, and that is how the Longhorn mascot supposedly got his name.

The schools also honor the rivalry by mentioning the other school in their fight song. In the second line of the Longhorns’ song it says, “And it’s goodbye to A&M.” While the Aggies’ song says, in the second verse, “Good-bye to Texas University, So long to the orange and the white.”

In the year 2006, before the teams were set to play the Friday after Thanksgiving the cereal brand Wheaties made special edition boxes that showcased the rivals. On one side the Longhorns helmet and stadium were shown and on the other side, the Aggies helmet and stadium were shown. General Mills said it was the first time Wheaties had ever portrayed the rivalry between two college football powerhouses.

The Texas legislature drafted Bill 42 that "required the state's flagship universities to play a non conference, regular-season football game against one another on the fourth Thursday, Friday or Saturday of November each year." That bill however had never gotten off the ground.

Photographed is the first picture of the 1894 Aggies football team. The team was not officially named the Aggies until after World War I before that they were known as the cadets.

Courtesy of: Memorial Library and Archives of Texas A&M

Courtesy of: The University of Texas, Arlington Libraries

Photographed is the Texas Longhorns' first football team.

Below is a list of some of the

most pivotal moments in the rivalry:

Nov. 28, 1963: President John F. Kennedy was set to speak at the campus in Austin. Unfortunately, he had been assassinated. While many other games were canceled after the assassination news broke, the Longhorns and the Aggies continued to play their game.

Dec. 1, 1984: This was the game that was the turning point for the Aggies. After having struggled to be their rivals for the past few years they went on to beat the Longhorns 37-12. This led to a 10-year span where the Longhorns only beat the Aggies once.

Courtesy of: the Cushing Library at Texas A&M

Nov. 25, 1999: This was the game that was considered the “Bonfire Game.” One of Texas A&M’s most famous traditions was a bonfire that they held. This year their bonfire turned tragic when the 59-foot bonfire, under construction, collapsed. It ended up killing 12 people and injuring 27. A week after the unfortunate event Texas A&M went on to beat Texas 20-16 in a game considered one of the most emotional moments between the rivals.

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