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Maiden wins and many points; McLaren’s consistency and dominance in the 2024 season

Second and sixth in the driver’s standings, a total of 268 points and third place in the constructor’s championship, and having both driver’s score points in almost every race. These are some of the few accomplishments to show that McLaren has been a great team so far and here’s how they’ve done it.

Bahrain Grand Prix

At the Bahrain Grand Prix, both Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri were able to qualify in the top 10, which was an improvement from qualifying 11th and 18th and the 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix which resulted in a DNF from Piastri and a 17th place finish from Norris. However, this year showed great improvement seeing as the pair was able to finish in seventh and eighth place, earning them both points for the season. With a great start to the season, the team seemed to be in higher spirits compared to one year ago.

Australian Grand Prix

After a wonderful start to the season, luck seemed to be in the favor of the papaya team especially at Piastri’s home race. The team once again qualified in the top 10 with a fourth and sixth place. The weekend could not have gone any better after the execution of a perfect strategy which resulted in the first podium of the season for the team, a third place secured by Norris. Piastri also secured points by finishing in fourth, which would result in a full circle seeing as he scored his first points in F1 during his home race in his rookie season in 2023.

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Japanese Grand Prix

The papaya team was not losing momentum after being victorious at the Australian Grand Prix. Two weeks later at the Japanese Grand Prix, the pair of Norris and Piastri once again managed to qualify in fourth and sixth place. The team missed out on a podium this time around , but nonetheless they were still able to bring home some points with a fifth and eighth place finish.

Miami Grand Prix

After a very opinionated weekend for Norris from the media and many questioning his decision to stay with McLaren. Norris was finally able to quiet the noise and show that his decision to be McLaren has always been the correct one. After qualifying both fifth and sixth, the pair knew that they had a chance to redeem themselves from last year’s Miami Grand Prix.  A safety car and Norris’ brilliant overtakes from fifth place is what ultimately helped him achieve his first ever grand prix win.

Courtesy of Greg Nash/UPI

Emilia-Romanga and Monaco Grand Prix

These back to back race weekends played a crucial role in helping the team advance in the constructor’s and driver’s championship standings. It was almost as if the pair took turns standing on the second place step. At the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, it was Norris who finished in second while Piastri finished in fourth. At the Monaco Grand Prix, it was Piastri who took the second place step while Norris finished in fourth.

Austrian Grand Prix

While the team had amazing weekends at the Spain Grand Prix and the Canadian Grand Prix with Norris scoring a second place podium for both, luck seemed to have run out for the pair. After a consistent streak of both teammates scoring points, the Austrian Grand Prix ended the streak for Norris. After a collision with Max Verstappen, Norris was unable to finish the race. However, it was not all gloom seeing as Piastri was able to score a second place finish in order to bring in points for the team.

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While the McLaren team had minor setbacks the past weekend, their successful weekend at the British Grand Prix, in which Norris secured a third place podium will surely motivate the team to get back on track to their winning ways.

Edited by: Sarah Muñoz

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