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MLB All-Spring Breakout Teams

Courtesy of MiLB

Following the inaugural Spring Breakout Games that went down between March 14th and 17th, MLB announced the also inaugural, All-Spring Breakout Team; which is made up of 30 players across 18 MLB organizations and recognizes the top performers from the Breakout Games. These Breakout Games saw an unbelievable amount of talent, and MLB Pipeline put together the All-Spring Breakout Teams to highlight all of these future MLB superstars. Here are the teams that were put together and how they performed during their Breakout Game.

First Team

Catcher: Kyle Teel (Red Sox, system number three, MLB Pipeline number 40) 

In the Red Sox breakout game against the Braves, Teel went 2 for 2, with a double, scoring a run, and earning an RBI.

First Base: T.J. Rumfield (Yankees, not ranked) 

In the Yankees game against Toronto, Rumfield also went 2 for 2, with a 394 foot home run to right center field, and two RBI. 

Second Base: Cameron Cauley (Rangers, system number 13) 

Cauley went 2 for 2 as well, driving in the team’s only run against the Reds with an RBI triple, and doubling in his next at bat. 

Third Base: Jace Jung (Tigers, system number four, MLB Pipeline number 60) 

Jung went 2 for 2, with not one but two home runs, with two RBI, and also taking a walk. His first homer went 362 feet and his second one went a whopping 412 feet! 

Shortstop: Carlos Sanchez (Reds, system number 26)

Sanchez went 2 for 5 in the Breakout Games. The Reds were one of two teams (Reds and Cardinals) to play two Spring Breakout games. He went 2 for 4 in the first game where he singled and then doubled in a run. In the second game, he came in as a replacement, drawing a walk in two plate appearances.

Outfield: Spencer Jones (Yankees, system number two, MLB Pipeline number 84) 

In his four at bats, Jones had three hits, two of which were home runs that went a combined 826 feet! He also hit a single for his third hit, showing off his impressive speed by beating out the infield hit. 

Outfield: Ceddanne Rafaela (Red Sox, system number four, MLB Pipeline number 76)

Rafaela got two at bats in the Sox Breakout Game against the Braves where he had one hit, which was a three run home run, earning three RBI. 

Outfield: Griffin Conine (Marlins, not ranked) 

In Miami’s Breakout Game, Connie had two hits in three at bats. Of those two hits, one of them was a monster home run that went a whopping 405 feet. His second hit of the day was a hard hit RBI single that was 106.1-mph off of the bat. 

DH:  Xavier Isaac (Rays, system number four, MLB Pipeline number 58)

Issac had a really impressive breakout game going three for three, scoring three runs. He started his day with an RBI double and his next two hits were home runs that went 419 feet and 363 feet respectively; earning him four total RBI on the day, and scoring three runs of his own. He also took a walk in the game as well. 

Pitcher: Brock Selvidge (Yankees, system number number 11) 

The Yankees number eleven system prospect had an impressive performance during the Spring Breakout Game against Toronto; pitching four innings, surrendering only one hit, one walk, and striking out eight. 

Pitcher: Justin Wrobleski (Dodgers, system number 16)

Wrobleski had a strong outing for LA, striking out four and surrendering just one hit over two innings that he pitched. 

Pitcher: Tink Hence (Cardinals, system number 2, MLB Pipeline number 64)

Hence had an impressive game, pitching two innings, giving up just one hit, and striking out three batters 

Pitcher: Paul Skenes (Pirates, system number 1, MLB Pipeline number 3) -- IP, 2 K

The Pirates top prospect pitched one inning in their breakout game, and it was an impressive one! He struck out two batters, one of which was MLB Pipeline’s top prospect Jackson Holliday. He threw six fastballs that were over 100 mph, and topped out at a whopping 101.7 mph! 

Pitcher: Rhett Lowder (Reds, system number 2, MLB Pipeline number 34) -- 2 IP, 2 K

Lowder pitched very well over two scoreless innings against the Rangers. He didn’t allow a hit, didn’t walk anyone, and struck out two.

Second Team

Catcher: Drew Romo (Rockies, system number 9) 

First Base: Kyle Manzardo (Guardians, system number 2, MLB Pipeline 59) 

Second Base: Yiddi Cappe (Marlins, system number 7)

Third Base: Cayden Wallace (Royals, system number 3) 

Shortstop: Jordan Lawlar (Diamondbacks, system number 1, MLB Pipeline number 11) 

Outfield: Joshua Baez (Cardinals, system number 30) 

Outfield: Kendall George (Dodgers, system number 12) 

Outfield: Justin Crawford (Phillies, system number 4, MLB Pipeline 77) 

DH: T.J. White (Nationals, system number 30) 

Pitcher: Caden Dana (Angels, system number 3) 

Pitcher: Thomas White (Marlins, system number 2) 

Pitcher: Patrick Reilly (Pirates, system number23)

Pitcher: Cole Henry (Nationals, system number 25) 

Pitcher: Andrew Walters (Guardians, system number 27) 

Pitcher: Patrick Copen (Dodgers, Not ranked)

Edited by Giana Robertaccio

Social Media Content Created by Simran Sandhra and Thea Heckel

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