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New Jersey Devils Women In Sports Night: A Memorable Experience

Courtsey of @sportsgirlsclub/IG

On Monday, Oct. 16, Girls Club, in collaboration with the New Jersey Devils, hosted a Women in Sports night. 120 women attended the event, some coming from all over the country or world for the experience, and it was a night to remember for everyone in attendance.

With a purchase of a ticket to the event, every attendee got access to an informative panel, networking opportunities and the Florida Panthers vs. New Jersey Devils game. The panel was hosted by sports creator and reporter, Aliyah Funschelle and featured three women who have been game changers within the world of hockey: Kim Davis, Senior Executive Vice President of the NHL, Kate Madigan, New Jersey Devils Assistant General Manager, and Jillian Frechette, New Jersey Devils Senior Vice President of Marketing. Kendall Sheskey, New Jersey Devils Account Executive, was also a major part of the night when it came to coordinating the event and sharing her experience in the sports industry as well. And we can’t forget Girls Club CEO, Delaney Galbraith, who planned and coordinated the event while meeting everyone.

Courtsey of @sportsgirlsclub/IG

Plenty of insight was shared during the panel that positively impacted the many women in attendance. Hearing from successful women in sports, specifically in hockey, who have found their place in a male dominated field and are actively working to change the landscape was inspiring to say the least. “My favorite part about the night was connecting and listening to the experiences of leading women in the sports industry,” said Jacqueline Bravo, a NJD Women in Sports night attendee. “Girls Club not only created a platform and community for women to come together and learn from each other— they also offered aspiring sports professionals a unique experience.”

Another attendee, Hannah Healey, felt she learned several new things from the panel, but two points stuck out as the most important. “I think the biggest takeaway personally from the panel is the fact that, one, you have to advocate for yourself. I am a big believer in that.” said Healey. “And two, that you have to lift other women up. They made it so far in a male dominated field, and deserve to be celebrated and appreciated.”

Following the panel, all attendees got the chance to network with each other and the panelists before the game. This was a great opportunity for women aspiring to work in sports to build relationships with others that are working towards the same common goal and share pieces of advice. Healey pointed to this moment as being her favorite of the night. “My favorite part of the women in sports night was meeting all of the friendly women who attended!” said Healey, “I made so many great connections, and even some friends. It was amazing all around.”

Courtsey of @sportsgirlsclub/IG

Then it was game time. A small group was selected to be in the tunnel as the players came off the ice from warmups which was another unique experience that was thoroughly enjoyed. The puck dropped at 7 o’clock and the battle was on between the Panthers and Devils. All attendees sat together which further created the time to build friendships and connect with others while enjoying the hockey game. And despite the Devils loss, the group got to take a picture on the ice afterward which is a memory that will be cherished by all attendees for a long time.

At the end of the night, everyone had had a great time and was beyond happy with the experience. The event was a major success and the future remains bright with all the incredible women that attended looking to make an impact in the sports industry.

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