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Professional Women’s Hockey League Draft Day Recap

On August 29th, the PWHL announced the start of the Professional Women’s Hockey League in North America. To begin the inaugural season, there are six cities with teams; Minnesota, New York, Boston, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Photo Courtesy of PWHL Instagram

PWHL Draft Day

Before draft day, there was a ten-day period of free agency where each team required three women. The first draft for the PWHL was on September 18th in Toronto, Canada. There were 15 rounds with six picks each round. The first overall pick went to Minnesota; followed by Toronto, Boston, New York, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Some memorable looks seen at the 2023 Draft were…

Taylor Heise

Taylor Heise is an all-around Minnesota Girl. Born and raised in Lake City, MN, Heise went on to play as a forward for the women’s ice hockey team at the University of Minnesota where she won multiple awards and held incredible stats. In the 2023 PWHL Draft, she was selected 1st overall by Minnesota. Heise was projected to be the first overall pick and for good reason, she’s a star on the ice. In her fifth year season with the university, Heise led the team in points, goals, assists, +/- and short-handed goals. During this time, she also led the NCAA record in goals. On Draft Day, Heise showed up in a classy black dress paired with black heels; but to add a light pop of color to the outfit, Heise paired the all-black fit with a baby blue blazer.

Photo Courtesy of @thepwhlofficial on Instagram

Emma Maltais

Emma Maltais, a forward, was drafted 11th overall by Toronto. At the age of 23, she is one of the youngest women who entered this year’s draft. Originally from Burlington, Ontario, Maltais spent four years on the Ohio State women’s ice hockey team before spending a year on Canada’s women’s national hockey team, where she won a gold medal in 2022. On Draft Day, Maltais was having her Barbie moment. Maltais had her hair pulled back in a high pony and was wearing a simple white top and black skirt, pairing the outfit with a hot pink blazer and matching heels.

Photo Courtesy of @emmamaltais17 on Instagram

Sarah Nurse

Nurse, a forward, agreed to terms with Toronto during the free agency period. Nurse is originally from Hamilton, Ontario, and has spent most of her hockey career in Canada. She played for four years in the NCAA on the University of Wisconsin-Madison's women’s ice hockey team from 2013 to 2017. Nurse is both a world and Olympic gold medalist. She is the first black woman to win Olympic gold in women’s hockey. Sarah is also the first woman to appear on the cover of an EA Sports NHL video game; she is featured on NHL 23 alongside Trevor Zergas, centerman for the Anaheim Duck. On Draft Day, Nurse walked the purple carpet to support her future teammates wearing a neutral colored matching set paired with a white purse and heels.

Photo Courtesy of @nursey16 on Instagram

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