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Rating MLB Teams’ City Connect Jerseys: American League Edition

Twenty MLB teams now have City Connect jerseys that in some way represent the city/state that they are located in, I gave each American League team’s jersey a rating out of 10.

Beginning with the American League East, The Baltimore Orioles. 

Courtesy of ESPN

These uniforms were inspired by the city of Baltimore’s neighborhoods with the mosaic colors. I rated the Orioles City Connect jerseys a 7/10 because they look clean and simple but are almost too simple and it doesn’t differentiate too much from their typical black jerseys, therefore it is difficult to make the connection to the city of Baltimore.

Moving on in the AL East, The Boston Red Sox

Courtesy of MLB

The Boston Red Sox debuted their yellow and blue City Connects as a nod to the Boston Marathon which means so much to the city of Boston. I rated Boston’s Marathon inspired jerseys an 8/10. I personally really like these jerseys, they deeply connect to the city, and are simple but are still fun and different from the Red Sox’s typical uniforms. However, unless someone is a Boston fan, lives in Boston, or has a wide array of knowledge on various uniforms, they just seem too different from the team's typical colors and jersey. 

Next in the American League, the Kansas City Royals in the AL Central. 

Courtesy of ESPN

The Kansas City Royals’ City Connect Jersey was inspired by the city’s architecture and fountains as well as the city’s baseball past with the varying shades of blue. I rated the Royal’s City Connect jersey a 9/10. I personally really like these jerseys, they are different but still fit well into the team’s typical theme/colors, they’re clean and have a really cool inspiration, so these ones get a high rating. 

Next in the Central, The Chicago White Sox.

Courtesy of  ESPN

The White Sox Southside uniforms were inspired by the ‘Greystone architectural style in Chicago’ (ESPN). I really like these jerseys and therefore am also giving them a 9/10. They are different yet really cool and embrace the Southside of Chicago where the team resides. They keep the same color scheme as their regular uniforms. All in all, it's a really good uniform. 

Next up, the AL West. 

Beginning with the Los Angeles Angels. 

Courtesy of ESPN

The Angels took inspiration from the surf and beach culture in Southern California to create this City Connect uniform. I rated the jersey a 6/10. While I do like the font and the “Angels” on the jersey, it is just too similar to their regular jersey and doesn’t jump out as anything super cool and unique for them. 

Next in the West, the Houston Astros

Courtesy of ESPN

The Astros took ‘inspiration from the iconic tequila sunrise Astros uniforms from the 1970s while paying tribute to the city's intertwined history with space travel’ (ESPN). Personally, I rated these uniforms an 8/10. The Space City uniforms deeply connect to not only the city’s roots, but the team's roots as well in a way that the casual fan can see, even if it is on a basic level. It’s different yet still similar to the team’s regular jersey’s in a great way that was very well done.

Also in the AL West, the Seattle Mariners. 

Courtesy of ESPN

The Mariners took inspiration from the city’s baseball history and how the Mariners essentially became to be the Mariners. I think that these jerseys are some of my favorite city connects simply based on looks and therefore I gave them a 9.5/10. They have a very cool origin and match the Seattle vibe extremely well, all in all these jerseys are great City Connects. 

Rounding out the American League are the Texas Rangers. 

Courtesy of ESPN

The jerseys have deep connections to the team’s founding roots as well as a connection to the date that the state of Texas gained independence. I rated these City Connect uniforms as an 8/10. They are different, have an interesting history and look really cool. However, they do differentiate quite a bit from the Ranger’s typical uniforms and don’t really relate to the typical vibe of Rangers’ uniforms. 

Edited by Giana Robertaccio 

Social media content created by Simran Sandhra

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