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Recap of the UEFA Champions League Semi Final

Updated: May 30, 2023

Courtesy of Matthias Hangst

Each year the top clubs in European soccer strive for a chance at the Champion’s League title and the so-called ‘European Cup’. With the second games of the semi final played last week, the two finalists were decided.

The first one is Inter Milan winning the first game 2-0, they cemented they belong in the final with their 1-0 victory last Tuesday in the second leg of the semifinal..

The man of the match? Laurato Martínez. Even though Inter struggled a little in the first half, Martínez created pressure through a good chance and eventually scored the lone goal in the 73rd minute. While AC Milan created a few chances in the first half, he killed all of their hopes of getting back in the series.

The second half was abysmal for AC Milan, only getting one shot on net, and Inter won without having to dominate the game. It is notable that AC Milan had more possession in both games, while Inter had a lot more shots on goal and ultimately more goals as well.

Courtesy of Alberto Lingria

But these games didn’t just hold significance in the Champions League. As the two teams share the city of Milan, this was a match-up of close and fierce rivals. Due to that the fans went crazy, cheering on their teams.

Courtesy of Andrea Staccoli

The players also got in on the action, playing a physical and rough game where more than a few yellow and red cards were given out.

After the other first game, the semi final between Man City and Real Madrid seemed like a toss up, ending 1-1.

With the second game however, Manchester City proved why they were given a slight edge in predictions and why they haven’t lost a home game in the Champions League since 2018, destroying Real Madrid in front of their home crowd 4-0.

While Real Madrid was overrun in the first half of the game, they had a little upside in the second half but with City already being ahead 2-0 before intermission with two goals from Bernarda Silva, they couldn’t score on their two, not exactly great chances.

Courtesy of Jose Hernandez

City managed to get another couple of goals and keep the upper hand. Their other scorers were Manuel Akanji and Julián Álvarez who was subbed in for Erling Haaland who surprisingly didn’t score in either game.

Courtesy of Clive Brunskill

Many already consider Man city this year’s champion, since most fans thought their path to the final to be more difficult. Still, Manchester City doesn’t have the best record in the Champions League, despite their recent appearance in the final in 2021. Due to losing 1-0 to FC Chelsea, they have yet to bring the cup home.

Maybe this year will be their year? Although one shouldn’t count out Inter just yet. Despite not having had a lot of success in recent years, they won the Champions League in 2010, beating Bayern München 2-0.

The final will be held on June 10 in Istanbul at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium.

Courtesy of Ahmad Alhamwi

Manchester City will act as the home team and the teams will play one 90 minute game that can have up to two overtimes of 15 minutes as well as a shoutout with five penalty takers for each team.

We will see whether the favored Man City will take the title from last year’s winner, Real Madrid, or if Inter will be able to stage the upset.

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