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Steph Curry Is Much More Than the Greatest Shooter of All Time

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is littered with talent and could be defined as a super star driven league.

Lebron James, Joel Embid, Kevin Durant, and Giannis Antetokounmpo are just a few of the superpowers in the league who have mastered all facets of the game. However, among this talent, Steph Curry may be the most unguardable player in the league.

Here are some of the reasons why Steph Curry is virtually unstoppable and one of the best players of this generation.

The “Steph Curry Range”

We’ve seen some remarkable shooters throughout NBA history, specifically from the three point line, such as Ray Allen and Reggie Miller.

Throughout his career, Curry has redefined the term “high percentage shot,” as he holds multiple three-point shooting records. However, Curry isn’t only a shooter, he’s a transformative player. His DNA is woven into the fabric of the current NBA. There aren’t many players who can honestly say they’ve changed the way the game is played like Curry has. He can make that statement just as easily as he can boast about his shooting prowess. Curry has been known to pull up from 30 feet or further and still hit at an incredible rate. When this guy spots up from the logo, there is not much a defender can do.

The Drive

Okay, say you do guard Curry wherever he spots up. Now you have to deal with his speed and ability to drive to the basket. He is one of the best finishers in the league, so Curry is a major threat to score around the basket. So you can guard him all you want from the perimeter, but keep in mind that he will drive, and odds are he will finish.

His Off Ball Movement

Steph Curry is known for his shooting, passing, ball handling, and more; however, he should also be praised for his off ball movement. In fact, he is constantly in the top 10 of distance run by players in the NBA. His spry movement facilitates plays for his teammates and always keeps him open too. He’s in incredible shape and the constant motion of his game wears down opposing defenders. He creates chaos on the defensive side and fluidity on the offensive side.

His Accolades

We’re not talking about someone whose top accomplishment is hitting 2,977 threes. Curry already has four NBA titles, a NBA Finals MVP, two regular season MVPs, a 73-win season, and many other accomplishments to his name. Of course his shot is the superpower that unlocks everything else, but Curry is an incredible finisher and ball handler, a good rebounder for his size, a solid defender, and has an incredible motor that keeps him in constant motion, on top of being incredibly unselfish and humble.

There’s a reason he’s cheered wherever he goes, because NBA fans recognize they are watching a once in a lifetime player when they get to see “Chef” in action.

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