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Taking Game Day Apparel to a New, Fabulous Level with Fan Glam

Courtesy of Fan Glam

As women in sports, and sports fans in general, we all know sports’ spirit wear can be kind of…bland. Yes, you have your team hoodies, t-shirts, and the occasional jersey, but nothing fabulous. This is exactly where Fan Glam comes in!

Fan Glam is a lifestyle brand created to fill a gap in the college jewelry and sports accessories industry. Creator and owner, Erika Ewert, has pioneered a line of “Game Day Glam” that is “Fun, Fashionable, Affordable”, and easily accessible for all sports lovers.

The History and Mission

Having a strong passion for fashion, Erika Ewert always had a dream to attend fashion school. She attended The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, California, whiched helped shape her career and helped her build a professional career in corporate retail, merchandising and buying. Her education, along with over 16 years of working in a competitive retail environment, and a goal of owning her own business, all led Erika to build and run what Fan Glam has become today!

Courtesy of Fan Glam

The inspiration for the company can be traced all the way back to Erika's high school and college days involved in sports and cheerleading. Accessorizing her game day look and sporty attire was a weekly necessity for pep rallies and sporting events.

Erika says on the Fan Glam website, “Being a cheerleader for eight years and also playing multiple sports I remember how hard it was to find matching team colored tights, hair ribbons and accessories for spirit days and game day. Post college when attending KU games with friends and now Oklahoma State games with my family, it's always easy to find a large selection of logo printed t-shirts, hoodies and jerseys, but always hard to find stylish and coordinating color themed fashion accessories.” It’s clear that for Erika, transitioning out of competitive sports and into a sports fan role never changed the need to "complete a look". This led to her discovery of something that was missing in the marketplace.

Erika told Michelle Diaz on the Fan Glam website, "When we go out, we want the whole look! The jewelry, the IT bag, belt, shoes, sunglasses and everything in-between! We all know accessories MAKE or BREAK the outfit." But, as we women in sports know, when shopping for game day looks in sporting goods stores, hoodies and t-shirts just won't cut it. The college jewelry and sports accessory offerings in retail are outdated, limited, and honestly boring. Erika was determined to fix this obstacle and in 2020, that's how Fan Glam was born!

Fan Glam’s Brand

Courtesy of Fan Glam (@shopfanglam on Instagram)

Fan Glam is a lifestyle brand consisting of college jewelry and sports accessories that is affordable and easily accessible to sports lovers on every level. From grandma's cheering on their grandkids at little league, sororities accessorizing for spirit week, cheerleaders gearing up for the big game, “Mrs. Coaches” supporting their husbands both on and off the field, and Fan Glam’s “GLAM fans” getting ready for Friday Night Lights in the stands. We all know that moms are our biggest cheerleaders. This brand also caters to all that is: "What To Get Mom For...".

Fan Glam was created for those who want to add a little extra pizzazz to their typical school logo apparel, no matter the sport or team. By carefully curating a line that is inclusive of all color combinations and collecting as many sports charms, trinkets and anything that sparkles, Erika has made Fan Glam the perfect place to shop for anything and everything for your next game day.

Their Specialty

Fan Glam caters to all style preferences with the widest range of fabulous pieces. But, aside from the online store(s) they provide, they also take custom orders! These custom orders are what they call their specialty, and with a quick email to, you can get in contact and request your very own custom order.

Fan Glam’s specialty creations are custom team-colored game day earrings, bracelets and necklaces. These can be made for a wide variety of sports levels: middle schools, high schools, travel teams, colleges, and professional sports.

But, sports is not all they do! If you are looking for ideas for fundraisers, gender reveals, sororities or bachelorette parties, they ask that you still email them with questions, requests, etc. As Erika says on the Fan Glam website, “We [Fan Glam] would love to create something special and personalized for you and your group!”

Courtesy of Fan Glam ( Courtesy of Fan Glam (@shopfanglam on Instagram)

Where to Shop Fan Glam

Interested in buying some “GLAM” of your own? You can shop Erika’s curated Game Day line at Be sure to check back regularly, since new arrivals hit the Fan Glam website daily!

Fan Glam is also becoming a wide spread name throughout universities and small boutiques around the country. You can now shop Fan Glam at the Oklahoma State Student Union Store, Stadium Stores and Chris' University Spirit.

And, if you’re interested in a single piece or an entire line created specifically for your hometown team, Fan Glam sells custom pieces and curated wholesale lines to both individual shoppers and retailers.

Follow Erika's story and wonderful business on Instagram @shopfanglam, or contact her directly via email with custom order requests and/or questions at!

For Your Next College Game Day…

…shop Fan Glam!!

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