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The Devils are Back

Instagram: @raysbaseball

By Emma Murray

Edited by Sarah Wingo

The Tampa Bay Rays will be partying like it’s 1998 every Friday night this season. To celebrate 25 years as a franchise, the Rays wanted to do something special. Every Friday home game this season the Rays will be kicking it old-school wearing their Devil Rays uniform. Not only will they be playing in the fan-favorite jerseys, but the team is celebrating with themed throwback games every Friday night featuring the hottest 90s jams to commemorate the decade. Let’s take a closer look at the jerseys that the players will be rocking this season.


A Blast From the Past

When the idea came to introduce a baseball team in the state of Florida in the 90s the franchise’s original name was the Devil Rays,which was later renamed to the Rays. In previous years, the Rays would bring back the fan favorite, Devil Rays jerseys during one or two games throughout the season Ever since, fans have been begging the franchise to bring back the classic jerseys and it looks like they’re finally listening.It looks like it's finally time to break out your Devil Rays jersey, bucket hats, claw clips, and jelly shoes.

The Newest 90s Trend

Let’s take a closer look at the Rays upcoming wardrobe. Since the only time players will be wearing the jerseys is at home, the team wanted most of the jerseys to be white to represent their usual home game jerseys in comparison to their gray travel jerseys. The front of the jerseys showcase the classic Devil Rays logo with the stingray swimming across the front, while on the sleeve they have the Rays logo celebrating 20 years, and the back advertises the players names in vibrant purple. The color scheme is giving all the 90s vibes and the players seem to be having fun with matching equipment. We’re talking about you, Yandy Diaz, rocking the neon pink belt and the neon cleats. Now this is what I call a throwback!

Instagram: @raysbaseball

Instagram: @raysbaseball

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