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The Impact of the 2026 Men's World Cup in North America

The World Cup is one of the greatest sporting events on the planet, and if you live in North America, you're fortunate because the 2026 Men's World Cup will be held across the continent, with host cities in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. With several groundbreaking changes being made to the format, it’s set to be an exciting tournament to watch.

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This will be the first time that 48 teams will compete instead of 32. The tournament is expanding and allowing more teams to compete, creating a larger atmosphere and greater excitement for fans to cheer on their favorite countries. It also creates more competition with more matches and higher stakes for teams competing.

2026 will also be the first time that three countries will be hosting the World Cup together. Across the US, Mexico, and Canada, there will be 16 host cities. Listed below are the locations that will host games in each of the 3 countries.

  • United States: Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Miami, New York/New Jersey, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area, and Seattle.

  • Mexico: Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Monterrey

  • Canada: Toronto and Vancouver

Courtesy of Public Health Maps

US News reports that, before the announcement by FIFA that the North American countries won their united bid to host the tournament, a study found that “hosting the 2026 World Cup could generate more than $5 billion in short-term economic activity and support approximately 40,000 jobs, with cities seeing a net benefit of $90 million to $480 million each.”

For North Americans, this is fantastic news because it will boost the economy and create more jobs, as well as opportunities for expansion and events to look forward to for both fans to watch and employees to advance their careers.

The World Cup final is scheduled to take place at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, which will be a monumental event for residents of the New Jersey/New York area, as well as for anyone else in the world looking to attend a World Cup final.

Courtesy of NPR

The World Cup is an opportunity for the world to reunite and enjoy the beautiful game of soccer that is played worldwide, and it’s a chance for players to represent, honor, and take pride in their country with the hope of winning a World Cup. There has already been a significant amount of history made, and we can only expect more record-breaking and tremendous steps from both the players and supporters.

Start saving your money if you plan to watch one of the games in person, and get excited to be part of another historic World Cup coming our way!

Courtesy of Minnesota United FC

Edited by: Emma Habel

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