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The Lightning Rookies


By: Emma Murray

Edited By: Breanna Ebisch

Photo Credits: Emma Murray

What is the Rookie Development Camp?

Once a player has been selected by a team they are sent to that city for a week to gain skill and to be noticed by that team. Throughout this week, they are working through different skills and get to work with professional trainers. This also allows the team’s media team to post about the players to try and get to know the upcoming stars. Most of the guys that are there were drafted from this year and previous years but some of them are invited by the team to come and participate. They have three types of events that they do. There is the work that they do in the weightroom and they also do skill on the ice to help with their game. Another thing that they do is the 3x3 which is a mini hockey game that I opened to the public. Fortunately, I was able to go and see what was happening with our new prospects.

The 3x3:

How it works is like an actual hockey game but smaller. There are only three players per team and one goalie. Not only is there one goalie there is only half of the ice too. Each period is only seven minutes and they alternate sides per period. I got to see some amazing young talent that I hope to see in the future. For all of the University of Michigan fans, Dylan Duke was there along with his brother Tyler Duke from Ohio State. Not to mention this year's main draft player Ryan Gauthier was also in attendance for this week. Most teams have an open practice so I would recommend looking to see the schedule and what time the arena will open. This is an amazing event for all fans to go and watch the new rising stars and to get your hockey fix before October.

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