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The Making of Girls Club & the One Year Anniversary

An idea that was almost unimaginable turned into a large network for women in sports. Founders Delaney Galbraith and Katy Gibralter officially founded the club in 2022 after the idea sparked in December of 2021. Now a year later, there are a total of eight chapters throughout the United States. Through social media and the Girls Club website, the network continues to grow and highlight women in sports across the U.S.A.

Delaney, an advertising major and sales minor from the University of Alabama decided during high school that she wanted to work in sports. Around fourteen years old, Delaney realized how happy sports made her and dove into it her senior year of high school. A big influence and inspiration for her passion in sports was Delaney’s grandfather, who shared her love for sports. As Girls Club continues to grow, Delaney hopes that it becomes a nation wide program and possibly develop into a media company that hosts its own shows and more. Currently, Delaney works for Worcester Railers for the team's foundation. She previously worked for the Boston Bruins in the same position, but one day would like to go full time with Girls Club and help women in the industry everywhere.

Katy was a News Media major with a concentration in sports at the University of Alabama with Delaney. During her childhood she played sports, particularly basketball, and grew up around sports. In her sophomore year of high school, a Dallas Stars game set up the path for her to pursue sports. After that game, Katy went home and asked her dad to teach her everything he knew about the sport. A few weeks later, Katy saw Julie Dobbs traveling with the Stars as a rink-side reporter and thought “I want to do that. I could do that!” Having a background in theater and dance, speaking in front of others has never been a problem and is the path that Katy is on today! One day, she hopes that Girls Club can be a community where you can meet like minded women in the industry who lift each other up. Katy wants to help young women so that their path may be a little less rocky than her own. Katy’s end goal in her career would be to work for a broadcast network as an anchor or reporter covering an individual NHL team or specifically working for an NHL team in broadcast or communications!

If you are looking for a network of women that can help advance you within the sports industry, look no further. Even in just one year, the network has grown and advanced to encompass eight chapters in seven different states. As the year continues, Girls Club hopes to continue its growth and support of women in sports!

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