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The Mets Lose Their 6-0 Grimace Streak

Grimace throwing out the first pitch to kick off the Mets win streak / Courtesy of Fox Sports

Back in 2023, most people recognized McDonald’s purple mascot, Grimace, as a villain. When the company released a berry-vanilla shake for Grimace’s birthday, consumers took to TikTok pretending the shake was poisoned—a dark but catchy trend.

More recently, Grimace has become an icon for none other than the New York Mets. 

As of a week ago, the Mets were nine games under the .500 mark. Coming off of the 2023 season, the Mets were the most expensive team in the league—paying for players like Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer—with little avail. The 2024 season didn’t appear much brighter. Key hitters struggled, leads were blown in the ninth, and fans generally accepted the season as another gap year. That was until June 12.

To celebrate his upcoming birthday, Grimace threw out the first pitch at Citi Field. Before stepping onto the field, the mascot was announced as the “ultimate baseball fan, all the way from McDonaldland.” The pitch, though, was poor. Grimace threw a sad bouncer into the dirt—but not terrible for a mascot. 

Despite his poor aim, the Mets have gone 7-0 since Grimace threw the pitch. This streak includes two wins against the Marlins, a three game sweep of the Padres, and two wins against the Rangers. 

Fans have taken to X with many notable comments on Grimace. One Mets fan even suggested that Grimace’s jersey number should be retired if the Mets make the playoffs. With Grimace’s help, the Mets are now only ½ game out of a wild card spot. 

Emma Baccellieri of Sports Illustrated also took to X to comment on Grimace and his “powers” that have helped out the Mets:

Though the internet—and Mets fans alike—had their fun with Grimacemania, the 7-0 winning streak came to an end. The Mets lost 5-3 on the road to the Rangers. Still, since June 1st, the Mets have a 11-5 record—the best winning percentage in the National League for June. 

Other fans are glad to see the Grimace era gone. WFAN host Sal Licata hated the trend. Before the June 18th game against the Rangers, Licata commented, “I understand nobody really thinks Grimace is responsible for this but what you don’t understand is that everybody that references Grimace, it’s making a mockery for the Mets.” And in more direct terms, he adds, “His fat, purple ass. I’m so tired of Grimace.”

Licata added that with every Grimace-induced win, he receives more texts from family and friends to “lighten up.” He responded, “I don’t want to lighten up… Every time [the Mets] do something good, it’s somebody else. It’s the Rally Pimp, it’s Grimace… Forget Lindor or Nimmo or Alonso, it’s the Rally Pimp and Grimace.” 

Even McDonald’s is having some fun with Grimacemania on X. 

Jokes aside, Licata makes a valid point. But whether you love Grimace or hate him, the fast food mascot has given Mets fans some fun this past week—and hope for the season. After a beatdown in 2023, some optimism is rightfully earned. Even if it comes in an unexpected form.


Edited by Hadlea Lindstrom

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