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The Mighty Ducks

Rotten Tomatoes


This year the Anaheim Ducks will be celebrating 30 years as a franchise. But let’s take it back to 1992 when Disney released the movie The Mighty Ducks. It was a smash hit with the Disney Company. It was a big success when the then CEO Michael Eisner came up with the amazing idea that was to propose the NHL and the idea to create the real life Mighty Ducks. But when the idea was pitched the Los Angeles Kings were not too keen on sharing space in California so Disney had to pay a $50 million entrance fee so that they could share the marketing space. Disney would have ownership for the team until 2005 when the NHL lockout occurred and the step down of Eisner which made them sell the team. By 1993 the Mighty Ducks would have its first NHL game and then before the 2006-07 season started they could shorten their name to the Anaheim Ducks.


A Blast from the past:

With the NHL introducing the retro-reverse we got a sneak peak of the older jersey with the classic iconic cartoon duck jersey. But that was just a little teaser for what this season will be bringing to the table. Back during the NHL draft the team introduced an alternate jersey that the players will be wearing this season. The jersey is purple and teal which pays homage to the older jerseys that were used when the team was introduced. In the center of the jersey there is that iconic cartoon duck mask that we know and love. An added bonus that you can see in the jersey is hints of silver that go with the jersey perfectly. Then on the back of the neck collar there is the word “Mighty” to show for the old Mighty Ducks. Also in the silver part of the jersey there is Anaheim written in it that adds a nice touch to the jersey. Could these jerseys be the confidence boost the team needs for the season? We will have to wait till October to see the team in action with these new jerseys.

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