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The Money Makeover: The New Names for the New Season

Sponsorships and who is able to give the most money are two of the important factors that make the world of Formula 1 go round. With the new additions of sponsorships like Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber and Visa Cash App, there are certainly some new changes that will take place this 2024 season.

The team formerly known as the Sauber Alfa Romeo Team made some changes during the beginning of the year, with it officially going through the name change on Jan. 1. The Stake gambling company became the majority stakeholder for the F1 team, thus allowing them to be incorporated into the team’s name. Aside from Stake being the majority stakeholder, the team will also be sharing the name with Kick Sauber, the name of the chassis of the car. The team will have this name until the 2026 season which is when Audi will join the F1 world. The team will have their official car launch in London on Feb. 5, where they will reveal their official livery for the season.

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With the new sponsorships coming into play, the end of iconic names like AlphaTauri follow. AlphaTauri or previously known as ToroRosso has always been known as a “sister” team for Red Bull. It is where many iconic drivers like Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Carlos Sainz, Daniel Ricciardo and three-time world champion Max Verstappen were able to get their start in the world of F1. The new name for the F1 team, ahead of the 2024 season, will be the Visa Cash App RB team. This is due to a recent sponsorship agreement between the team and the company. The name change and sponsorship agreement came as a shock to many fans. Seeing as there was talk about JP Morgan and Hugo Boss last season becoming the main sponsors of the team until Visa Cash App overtook their positions and became the leading sponsor. The emergence of the new sponsorships has not only led to the new name of the team but also a new nickname as well.

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F1 teams are usually known for having simple names or easy names that fans and announcers can refer to. The new name being Visa Cash App RB has received the nickname “V-CARB” as a way to shorten the name for the season. On Twitter, there seems to have been some backlash on the name. Many fans have found the name to be too long and the nickname to not be taken seriously. Although this agreement was made in part to expand the world of F1 in the United States, it has definitely received both negative and positive attention from the fans here in the U.S.

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While it is true that sponsorships and money make the world go round in the realm of F1, it is also the loyalty of the fans and the history behind the names of the teams that add that personal touch to this sport. Money will always come and go but the loyalty of fans is something that will always remain. As the sport continues to grow around the world, teams should take into account what the history behind their name holds and think twice when it comes to accepting new sponsorships that will have a great impact and change the future of their team.

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