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The Ultimate Survival Guide for Your First Gameday

Courtesy of Ben Queen (USA TODAY Sports)

It’s stressful enough having to put together your first gameday outfit, but forgetting your game day essentials is even worse. For sports fans, gamedays are an all-day event from the tailgates, to the actual game, and its post-game celebrations.

To help you survive your first full gameday experience, here are a few tips and items to bring with you as you cheer on your favorite teams.

1. Cash, Credit Cards and ID
Courtesy of Drew Horton

Attending many Penn State Football games, I have noticed that, as the game continues on, I get thirsty and somewhat hungry. Because of my experience, I believe it is important for fans to bring extra cash and a credit card to buy food and drinks to combat this.

Inflation, today, has affected concession stand prices at stadiums and arenas, so bringing that extra cash is important to have enough money for food sales. Also, some stands and restaurants are cash or credit only. Make sure you have your ID on you since most sporting events now sell alcohol for fans over the age of 21.

2. Team Gear

Courtesy of gameday_babe (Instagram)

Heading to a sporting event without the proper gameday attire is a no-no. Wear something that represents the team you are rooting for. If you are going to a Pittsburgh Penguins game, grab a Penguins t-shirt or jersey and pair it with leggings, jeans or anything that makes you feel comfortable, yet fashionable.

No matter what sporting event you're attending, you will end up taking pictures with friends and family and posting them to your social media accounts. You want to make sure that your gameday fit is something that you want in pictures.

When searching for the best gameday fits, I recommend looking at Amazon and Pinterest for inspiration, as well as buying gameday items from small Instagram businesses/shops.

A few that I browse through the most are: gamedaybyashley, gameday_babe and deckedoutapparel!

Courtesy of deckedoutapparel (Instagram)
Courtesy of gamedaybyashley (Instagram)

3.Tailgate Necessities

When you think of game days, you automatically think of tailgates. Sports fans can get their tailgating on in the comfort of their own home with family or in the grassy areas and parking lots of the stadium with friends.

Courtesy of Ernesto Estremera JR

Try setting up a few tailgate tents to keep the sun away from your party. Team tents may be an expensive item, but are worth it in the end. Some can be found on Dick’s Sporting Goods website and other websites through Google.

Bring games such as cornhole and Jenga to pass the time before you’re able to get into the stadium. These games can be customized with the team’s logo and name.

Food and drinks are the two basic essentials for any sporting tailgate. Grilling hamburgers, hotdogs and bringing soft drinks are perfect for your gameday needs.

Courtesy of Wally Skalij (Los Angeles Times)

Bringing a cooler, will keep your drinks cool and fresh for a full day of fun. Besides grilling and comfort food, try shopping ahead for other gameday favorites including something sweet and salty like candy and chips and salsa.

Sports fans should consider bringing a portable charger, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, a rain poncho, sunglasses, hats and travel-sized hygiene/makeup items with them to their next gameday. Having a portable charger handy is essential for sports and social media lovers because you are bound to use your phone at big moments during the game. Be prepared if it’s sunny or raining because you’ll never know what the weather will end up being like so be ready to have these necessary products on hand for a perfect gameday experience.

Yes, it is important to remember all these items before attending gameday but make sure to have fun and take the time to see as much as possible. I hope these tips help you enjoy the next game day you attend!

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