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The WAG Jacket Playoffs

Written By: Emma Murray

Edited By: Sarah Wingo

These girls are supporting their husbands and boyfriends and they are doing it with style. With the 2023 NHL playoffs in full swing, these ladies are showing up to the games with flair. But what is a WAG you ask? They are the wives and girlfriends of famous athletes. These jackets are handmade by someone on the team and they are worn throughout the playoff season. WAG style has been growing popular on TikTok and Instagram, and with playoffs in full force, fans have been dying to know what these women will be wearing to support their partners this year

Carolina Hurricanes WAGS

Carolina Hurricanes:

The Canes had a very interesting choice this season with their jackets. The sleek red jackets have the classic Hurricanes logo painted on the back of the jackets along with the player’s number. The sleeves showcase the player's name in graffiti font giving it a fun element. Below the logo you will see that there is the players' number and on the sleeve are the players' last names. They have a really cool font for the names that give graffiti vibes for the jacket which adds a cool element to the jacket.

Dallas Stars WAGS
Dallas Stars

Dallas Stars:

The Stars had something a little different than the Canes. They had black leather jackets with the logo patch on the front. They have the color a very dark green that contrasts against the black and makes it look really cool with it. Not to mention every single patch on the jackets has been worn on the ice for a game this season. Also, they have custom-made jeans from a local shop in Dallas and their Instagram is @odonatadfw. Most of the ladies styled it with jeans and heels for that classic WAG look.

New Jersey Devils WAGS Jackets

New Jersey Devils:

The Devils stayed on-brand this season and went with a red-hot biker aesthetic. They sported edgy black leather jackets showcasing player names and numbers atop red flames on the back. They showed off the Devil’s logo on the front while their sleeves displayed silver player autographs adding a personal touch.

Seattle Kraken WAG Jackets

Seattle Kraken:

With the team’s first-ever playoff debut this season, their WAG jackets did not disappoint. Similar to the Devils, they are rocking an oversized, black varsity jacket featuring player names and numbers on the back. But something that adds to the jacket is that they have their autographs on the back of their jackets. Which to me adds a cool personal touch to the jackets. Not only will the wives and girlfriends be wearing these, they were also able to create the jacket for the children of the players as well as a jacket for the mascot Buoy too.

Florida Panthers WAG Jacket

Florida Panthers:

The Panthers went with an old-school vibe with their jackets this season. Half of the team have black jackets, while the other half are rocking red ones. The back of the jackets features inverted colors showcasing player names and numbers and the phrase “Time to Hunt” referencing the playoffs as hunting season.

Toronto Maple Leafs WAG

Toronto Maple Leafs:

The Leafs were aiming for practical and simple when it came to their jackets this season. The girls went with a Drew house puffer jacket in the traditional Leaf color. They showcase the Maple Leaf's name on the back and players' numbers on the sleeves in the classic Drew house yellow. Living in Toronto, these jackets are useful both in and outside of the rink!

Edmonton Oilers WAGS

Edmonton Oilers:

The Oilers were kicking it old school this season with their jackets and have been recognized as a fan favorite. They’re flaunting white oversized bomber jackets with blue and orange stripes across the bottom and sleeves and the team name across the front. The backs feature player names and numbers with a variety of different add-ons down the sleeves including the Oilers logo and The Stanley Cup.

Vegas Golden Knights WAGS

Vegas Golden Knights:

To wrap it up, the Golden Knights are shining bright in Sin City with gold jackets to match. The front collars show off the Knights logo and player numbers, while the back of the jackets feature players' names and numbers, and the sleeves showcase the team name in a trendy font. The team decided to shop local this season and had Las Vegas artist @iart_vegas custom-create their jackets.

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