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What Winning Against the Rams Means for the Buffalo Bills

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Technically the Cowboys are “America’s Team” when it comes to football, but let’s be realistic. In recent years football fans all over America have started to join the Buffalo Bills bandwagon, possibly making them one of the most beloved teams. The Bills have a bit of an underdog spirit, even when they have entered this season with quite the roster, and many preseason polls predicting their possible winning season. There is also the fact that the city of Buffalo is a die-hard football city (if the Buffalo Sabres could get it together they’d be a die-hard hockey city, too). The Bills Mafia is a force to be reckoned with in the football fan space, mainly because no one else is insane enough to jump through tables for fun.

No matter how much hype is created around the team, the Buffalo Bills are much more than jumping through tables. Bills fans have always been a bit overexcited, but for the first time in a long time, their excitement is mirrored by the team and warranted based on the team’s season outlook. So let’s be frank: do the Bills have a chance at the Super Bowl or not? While no one can say for sure what the postseason looks like since we are only one week into the season, this is the first time in a long time that the Bills might actually have a good shot. This is demonstrated by the absolute butt-whooping that the Bills gave to the Los Angeles Rams in the first week of the season.

As you may recall, the Los Angeles Rams somehow won the Super Bowl last season against a lot of odds. Everyone loves an underdog story, especially when the Bills beat the Super Bowl champs in the first week of this season. Not only did this surprise most of the football world, but it was a surprise for the Rams, too. As mentioned above, Bills fans are dedicated–so dedicated that they bring new meaning to the word. Sofi Stadium where this game was played looked just like Highmark Stadium in the sense that it was absolutely filled with Bills fans. The Bills Mafia travel far and wide for their team, whether they are winning or losing. Don’t get me wrong, the Mafia was very excited to see a Bills win, especially a 31-10 win in the first week of the season. However, the Mafia would travel to Mars to see the Bills play even if it was a losing game.

So what does this massive win mean for this season for the Bills? Again, I can’t predict the future so I technically can’t tell you what will happen this season for the Bills. However, this win is a good sign for this season. Not only is it a win against the current Super Bowl champs, but it also puts the Bills in a good headspace for the season.

This win means a lot for the team and the fans because it is the best possible way to start the season. Starting the season on a good note is always a good sign for a team, on and off the field. It shows the fans that this could be a winning season for the team, while still showing the players that they have the ability to play their best. It’s never a bad thing to start the season by beating the current Super Bowl champs. In short, go Bills and see you at Super Bowl LVII!

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