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Who Will Come Out On Top?

It is already about to be two full months of baseball and we are about to head into the All-star break. Within these two months of baseball we as fans have seen many ups and downs with our favorite teams, or at least the favorite ones to win their division.

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AL East:

From the AL East the New York Yankees have always been the favorable team to win their division due to the players they have, for example Aaron Judge. Aaron Judge is an elite outfielder who helps their team to win their division or at least make the postseason. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately for some Tampa Bay Ray fans, they are able to see their team lead the AL East with their fantastic record of 54-27. Other than the Rays having excellent hitters, they also have an excellent pitcher, Shane McClanahan. Another surprising team that is battling for the top is the Baltimore Orioles.

AL Central:

The Minnesota Twins are currently leading this division but only by two games and the team that is trailing by two games is the Cleveland Guardians. The Twins were favored to win this division but before the season started it was unclear if Carlos Correa was going to stay with the Twins or head somewhere else for the 2023 season, Correa decided to stay.

AL West:

2022 World Series Champions the Houston Astros are still looking to secure the number one spot in their division. The Astros have struggled a bit this season but that is due to injuries and losing their key pitcher Justin Verlander. Without Verlander, the Astros had to rely on someone new to be “the” pitcher for them, Hunter Brown. Brown is a rookie but he shows off his talent like he has experienced the Major League for at least two years. But just having one key player isn’t enough, for example the Texas Rangers currently lead this division and obtain talent all around. Shortstop Corey Seager and Pitcher Nathan Eovaldi have been having a great season so far, but everyone knows their talent.

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NL East:

The Atlanta Braves are currently holding the top spot for this division, but the Miami Marlins show promising effort for a battle for the top. The Philadelphia Phillies were favored to win this division because of one key player they were able to sign a deal, Trea Turner. Turner was amazing during the World Classic Baseball, he showed so much of his talent that fans hoped he would be able to play the exact same gameplay during the regular season, but that didn’t happen. Other than Turner not living up to the expectations the Phillies also dealt with injuries with their other key players, Bryce Harper and Kyle Schwarber.

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NL Central:

The NL Central is such an open division meaning we don’t know who will win this division or even at least make the Wild Card cut. Currently the Cincinnati Reds are leading this division but just by 0.5 games. The Reds were not even looked at to be this good this season but one player changed all that, Elly De La Cruz. Who also just hit his first cycle of his Major League career!

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NL West:

The Los Angeles Dodgers have always been the favored ones to win this division but they have been struggling with their pitching rotation and their bullpen that it is unlikely they will win this division, but will still make the postseason cut with a Wild Card spot. The Arizona Diamondbacks have been having the time of their lives this season all because of rookie Corbin Carroll. Carroll has been red hot since he has been called up and more than likely is going to be winning NL Rookie of the Year.

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