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Why are they so good?

The Cincinnati Reds have had a great month of June for baseball. They had a 12 game win streak in this month, fans were electric when they saw this because the Reds haven’t had this long of a win streak maybe since the 1950s.

The Reds started off their season with a slow start until they called up rookie, Elly De La Cruz. De La Cruz was called up on June 6, 2023 for the start of the Dodgers series. In that series, De La Cruz went four for eleven but he also hit his first career home run during this season. De La Cruz showed a lot of promise during this season and that he has succeeded with joining the team. Since, joining the team, De La Cruz and the Reds had a record of 14-4.

Courtesy of Instagram @reds

But De La Cruz isn’t the only player making a difference on this young roster, rookie Matt McClain is contributing as well. McClain has already made history for this team during this season, he had in his first 20 MLB games: .341/.396/.500, 140 wRC+, 136 OPS+, 9 XBH, 30 H (Most by a Red in first 20 MLB career games).

Not many people thought the Reds would be this good with the rookies and young roster they currently have because of experience. But they do have one veteran player, Joey Votto. With having an older player with such a young team, it feels like that one older player is the guidance to most unanswered questions about the game of baseball. The game of baseball is a trial and error type of game.

Courtesy of Instagram @reds

And with having some hope in their team, the Reds have been able to prove they are a contender for the top spot in the NL Central. They have played decent teams and kept the score very close, for example, the Braves series which was also the series where Elly De La Cruz hit his first cycle of the year!

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