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Women Taking Over the “Boys Club.”

The future of sports is female. In the past, sports were dominated by men, whether that was on the field or in the office. However, in recent years, women have taken over and gained more recognition and screen time. Whether that is an athlete or a woman working in sports, you can name a few who have changed the game in recent years. 

Serena Williams and Erin Andrews have both inspired women from all across the country to be a part of the sports world. 

Based on a survey by Nielsen Sports in February of 2024, 66% of people were interested in at least one women’s sport and the level of interest rises to 84% among the general sports fan. Some things that have helped gain interest and more coverage are people like Caitlin Clark, Coco Gauff, and the PWHL.  

The PWHL is not only growing in popularity on the screen but also breaking and setting new attendance records. When PWHL Montreal took on PWHL Toronto at the Bell Centre, they set the attendance record for 21,105 people which was the largest attendance ever recorded from a women's hockey game worldwide.

Courtesy of PWHL

Another example of female sports gaining more coverage is Caitlin Clark. During her time at Iowa, there were record-breaking prices to see her with record-breaking attendance at the arenas in which she would play. She also averaged 3.39 million viewers on streaming platforms. She is still getting plenty of coverage playing for the WNBA even though her team is off to a slow start. 

Courtesy of Getty Images

Not only is the coverage and popularity of female sports and athletes increasing, but so are women working in sports. It is becoming more normal to see women working in sports whether that is on the sidelines or in management positions. 

There are plenty of women who work in sports who are always willing to help others get into the industry by giving advice or people to network with. Working together is a great way to help women dominate the world of sports as well as support each other. 

There is still a long way to go until it is completely normal and accepted for women to work in the sports industry, but there are plenty of supportive people who make it all worth it in the meantime. Another resource for anyone trying to get into the sports industry is Girls Club. As much as the sports world is hard to get into, if it's a dream of yours it is all worth it. 

Many women work as rinkside or sideline reporters like Erin Andrews and Emily Kaplan as well as women in management positions like Emilie Castonguay who serve as role models for many women who inspire them to work in sports. 

If it is a dream of yours to work in sports, don’t let people tell you can’t because you are a woman. Continue to push for the increase of women working in sports as well as for the coverage of women's sports in our media.

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