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2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs WAG Jackets

We’re well into the NHL Playoffs and have officially seen all of this season’s WAG jackets! Author and content creator, Dr. Lexi LaFleur Brown PhD, shared some playoff jacket history from her time as a WAG. In 2015 and prior, the tradition of jackets for wives and girlfriends had yet to be established. Most partners wore their team’s jersey or their favorite merchandise (some of which were personalized by the WAGs themselves). The idea of custom pieces didn’t truly take off until 2017, when the Washington Capitals WAGs sported custom jean jackets with their partner’s number and last name on the back. The iconic group picture was posted on social media, of course with the classic Tumblr photo filter, inspiring WAGs across the league. The Anaheim Ducks showed off their custom varsity jackets just a day later, and a tradition was born. 

Over the last decade, the designs have gone from simple painted numbers or team-inspired patches, to fully reconstructed jerseys and personalizations.

2024 Winnipeg Jets WAG Playoffs Jackets, courtesy of @anikanicolee / TikTok

Let’s take a look at this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs WAG jackets!

Courtesy of @madison.aubekubel / TikTok,  @tonguetiedapparel / Instagram

The Toronto Maple Leafs came up with eye-catching blue bowling jackets that, like many of our favorite fashion pieces this year, hone in on vintage trends. Most WAGs paired their oversized jackets with casual pants and a pair of white sneakers. This season’s jackets are definitely fan favorites as they spotlight the classic Leafs logo we all know and love. The Washington Capitals WAGs were one of the only to add some sparkle to their jackets. Although they were overall an ivory white, the bold additions to the jacket really made them stand out. The front featured each player's number in giant lettering, along with the team’s logo at the bottom. The back shared a patriotic feel with an eagle patch, decorated with bronze stars and stripes, perfect for the Caps. Similar to the Capitals, the Vegas Golden Knights included some sparkle to their jackets that can be seen in the logo, number and letter patches, as well as the border around each player’s name. Every season, fans wait to see how the WAGs give their jackets a personalized touch and this year the Golden Knights stole the show by using players’ nicknames instead of names.

Courtesy of @pressed.bysarita, @sydneyemartin / Instagram

The LA Kings WAGs went in a different direction with their jackets, opting for a classy black blazer that absolutely fits the popular “clean girl” aesthetic. The monochromatic black patches spelling out KINGS on one arm and simple white lettering for each player’s name and number brought this polished look together. We saw WAGs pair these blazers with shiny black heels and luxurious handbags. The WAGs surprised us with an additional playoffs look, this time an oversized black bowling jacket that they could dress up or down, for a more casual gameday look. The Tampa Bay Lightning faux leather jackets were unquestionably on trend, featuring white and blue patches that give off a vintage feel and fabric that shines under the lights. Their logo takes up the majority of the back, with a bright white lightning bolt in the center. The New York Islanders WAGs did not shy away from their team colors when wearing bright blue oversized denim jackets with neon orange patches. Each left side pocket had a player’s number and a New York logo on the other side. 

Courtesy of @marielaurenceb, @aly.noesen, @catbtoffoli / Instagram

The Colorado Avalanche took the bowling jacket route with a navy blue base and white lettering and stripes. The Aves logo appeared on the left arm and the players’ numbers were embroidered in white and burgundy on the back. The WAGs also shared pictures of their matching silver and burgundy baseball caps, something we’ve been seeing a lot of this playoffs season. The Carolina Hurricanes displayed their black varsity jackets, featuring faux leather sleeves and a pair of matching custom Nike Air Force 1s. It’s not every season we get to see something beyond the traditional jackets, but the Canes really brought their look together with red accents on both pieces and a sleek cursive font for each player’s last name. The Winnipeg Jets chose trendy white puffer jackets, upcycled from players’ jerseys and customized to each WAG. We’ve seen similar styles designed by Kristin Juszczyk and worn by Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes this past NFL season. These cropped puffers are the perfect mix of style and comfort and can certainly be worn again.

Courtesy of @tkopaintings, @inhousemade / Instagram

The Edmonton Oilers WAGs got the best of both worlds when combining motorsport style with their playoff jackets. The simple black faux leather jackets were embroidered with white thread to spell out each player’s name and number on the back, while the front had the Oilers logo. In some posts, we saw the WAGs wearing their matching white baseball caps with orange accents. Like the Kings, these WAGs surprised us with an additional (more casual) jacket as well, this time wearing vintage style oversized jackets with bright orange accents. The Dallas Stars went all in with their iconic green team color, sporting cropped green denim jackets with graffiti-style font. Taylor Kampa Olson hand-painted each player’s numbers and the team name on the back. We saw most WAGs pair their jackets with monochromatic pants and shoes, allowing the jackets to be the stars of the show.

The Vancouver Canucks weren’t afraid to show off their colors while opting in for blue and green jackets. These slightly oversized pieces, a mix between a puffer and a windbreaker, feature the player’s signatures on the collars, number, kids’ and pets’ names on the right sleeve, as well as each player’s last name under the back of every collar. The Canucks took the vintage fashion route with these 80s-inspired jackets. The Florida Panthers WAGs wore lightweight jackets that resembled denim and, like the Carolina Hurricanes, added another custom piece, this time a pair of cargo jeans. Both the tops and bottoms had embroidered names and patchwork logos, as well as matching white stitching.

Courtesy of @jeaniusjackets / Instagram

The ladies of the Bruins were the first to show off their brown faux leather bomber jackets, each personalized with a player’s number, last name and yellow varsity font patches spelling out Boston across the front. Designer Ben Weiner took on these pieces with his brand Jeanius Jackets and included custom patches sewn into the inside of the jackets. The New York Rangers WAGs showed off their personal styles by wearing the classic red, white and blue jerseys and the rest of their choosing. Most of the girls wore a basic pair of jeans and booties for the perfect casual cute look. The Nashville Predators WAGs showed off their oversized cream-colored jackets, which many paired with blue or neutral cowgirl boots. Although a more simple design compared to what we usually see in Nashville, these jackets are something the WAGs can definitely mix and match to rewear. 

Edited by Madison Roost

Written by Bella-Rosa Fetelea

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