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A New Era in Sports Commentary: Callista Carreiro and the Rise of Formula Fabulous

In a field dominated by men, it can be difficult to navigate where women fit into the narrative involving motorsports. Whether as a driver, a content creator, a technical role, or simply a fan of the sport itself, women deserve a seat at the table and a chance to join the conversation.

Callista Carreiro found her role in sports only a year ago when she discovered Girls Club shortly after quitting her job as a makeup artist. Growing up watching sports, Carreiro had a fascination from the beginning, but never considered it as a career until she decided to go back to school.

“I’ve always wanted to be involved in the sports community in some way,” said Carreiro. “When I went back to school I realized that there is a place for women in the motorsport community.”

Sports has always been in Carreiro’s life, as she credits much of her initial interest in the topic was due to her father. She would watch motorsport series such as Formula 1 and NASCAR with him, cementing her love for the fast-paced sport.

Carreiro initially got her start with Girls Club as a Formula 1 content creator, but now hosts one of the brand’s podcasts, Formula Fabulous. The podcast covers all areas of Formula 1, including recaps of races and insights into the technical aspects of the sport.

Callista Carreiro, the host of Girls Club’s Formula 1 Podcast, Formula Fabulous.

“I want to inspire and encourage people to get into motorsport,” said Carreiro. “I want to be able to share fun content but also educational.”

As a woman in sports, Carreiro is no stranger to the conversations that arise about the lack of female inclusion in the sport. While big improvements have been made, there is always more that can be done, and opening up spaces for women is a step in the right direction.

“There is still a really big opportunity for growth. I knew that I wanted to make people fall in love with motorsport the way I did,” said Carreiro.

Creating a space that opens the door for women to have conversations about sports is the first step in removing barriers that divide men and women in the community. Formula Fabulous is not just another motorsport podcast, but an environment for women to connect and learn more about their shared interests.

“We are always questioned about things no matter how much we know,” said Carreiro. “Not that women should have to be able to answer those questions, but if they want to, I want them to have that information.”

Callista Carreiro posing in a red Ferrari jacket in true Tifosi fashion.

Carreiro spoke of many people who have inspired her in sports, but the women took root in her life. People such as Susie Wolff, Ruth Buscombe, and countless other talented women are among the few who left a lasting impression on her and continue to inspire her today.

With the podcast making its introduction in early May, Formula Fabulous is fairly new to the racing world. While the podcast may be new, Formula 1’s fanbase in the world of Girls Club has grown in increasing numbers in the last year.

“It’s really crazy to see the growth and success,” said Carreiro. “It’s exciting to know that there are other people who are as excited about it as us.”

The brand gave Carreiro her initial start in the sports world, but she has used her talents and taken them to new heights. In only a year of working with the brand, she kickstarted her own podcast. Formula Fabulous has amassed over 4,000 followers on Instagram about a month into its introduction.

Callista Correiro at a Toronto Maple Leafs game, being a Canadian citizen.

Carreiro consistently credits Girls Club for giving her the tools for success. Having a community created for women by women is exactly what’s needed in a male-dominated field.

“Every woman who I have met in this industry so far has been nothing but supportive,” said Carreiro. “It’s so special to be a part of something like this.”

For those who hope to pursue a career in sports, Carreiro’s main advice is simple: go for it. In a competitive industry such as sports, this advice truly is the golden ticket to achieving success. 

“I think making those genuine connections and just going for it,” said Carreiro. “The worst that can happen is someone says no, and then you can try again.”

The podcast is only on the rise from here, with exciting new projects and content that are sure to excite fans. Carreiro has big plans for the future, with hopes for new additions to Formula Fabulous as it continues its rise in success. 

Edited by Breanna Ebisch

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