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Battle Of The Turnpike Hits MetLife Stadium

The latest installment of the NHL’s Stadium Series made its way to Metlife Stadium this past weekend. The New Jersey Devils faced the Philadelphia Flyers in what was a thrilling outdoor game. The rivalry was gritty as expected, with the competition being bigger than ever. The brightest stages often call for great expectations. Big time players provide big time performances. How exactly did we get here?

In order to understand the high stakes with this game, it is important to understand the history between the two teams. The divide between south Jersey and Philadelphia is very close, making the fandom rivalry close. These two teams are also in the same division, making stakes just a little higher.The competitiveness has always been high, with these two teams having tons of history.Whether it be matching up in the playoffs or facing off in high stakes games like this one, the Devils and the Flyers continuously battle on the ice.

Courtesy of Catalina Fragoso/USA Today Sports

The impact of this Stadium Series has big implications on this year’s playoffs. The Philadelphia Flyers currently hold the last position in the Wild Card, with the Devils slowly creeping up. Each team is in need of victories, to secure that final spot, or perhaps a divisional spot come playoff time.

Aside from the high stakes, Philadelphia and New Jersey also supply some of the league's most talented players. Jack Hughes, Jesper Bratt, Travis Konecny, and Morgan Frost are just a few of the star names that we saw in this weekend's game. The starpower shown in this game has a bigger impact on the game of hockey than fans might realize, and it is something that can get lost in the bright lights of this outdoor game.

Courtesy of Archie Carpenter/UPI

As the league grows and expands, the top talent shines even brighter than ever. Putting these talented players on the biggest stages is a recipe for success. The league gets to market these young players to reach a larger audience, and the players get to showcase their skills for thousands of fans to see.

So what does this all mean for the future of the league? Well if this game is an indicator, this means big things for the future of outdoor games. Having successful outdoor games like this can be huge in a market like the NJ/NY area. The more audience it reaches, the more attention it will receive. The matchups make this even more exciting, as fans are eager to see big rivalries on big stages, like Metlife Stadium.

This classic matchup between the Flyers and the Devils surely impressed as usual, and gained the attention of fans across the league. The lights have never been brighter, and the stage has never been bigger. The lights have never been brighter and the stage never bigger. This outdoor game has and will continue to do wonders to the league.

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