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Behind the Mic: In Conversation with Sports Broadcaster Kierstin Lindkvist

With her dynamic presence and unparalleled passion for the game, Kierstin Lindkvist has emerged as an up-and-coming figure in the realm of sports commentary. She has captivated audiences and earned widespread acclaim for her unique blend of expertise and charisma. In this interview, we delve into Lindkvist's journey, her approach to broadcasting, and the work she has done to get where she is now. Get ready to step into the world of sports journalism with Kierstin Lindkvist as she shares her story and unravels the secrets to her success.

Courtesy of Kierstin Lindkvist

Kierstin has always been a go-getter and involved in whatever situation she was in. She attended Archbishop Spalding High School and took part in many activities and societies such as the National Honours Society, Key Club where she was the Public Relations Officer, band, chorus, and theater. But she was involved in even more sports such as being the Head Manager for the Varsity Men's Basketball and the Varsity Rugby team. Once she graduated in 2018, her career was only just getting started!

In the fall following graduating high school, Lindkvist became an official Mountaineer at the West Virginia University (WVU). During her time at WVU, Lindkvist’s involvement went past just sports. She was also involved in WVU News - becoming a part of the first all-female sports team in school history, as well as Reed College of Media Mentoring and LeadWELL Mentoring. After completing her time at West Virginia University, Lindkvist graduated in December of 2021 with a Bachelor of Science - Broadcast Journalism. Closing out her current educational journey, Lindkvist graduated from Northwestern University after earning a Master of Science - Journalism with a specialization in Sports Media.

Courtesy of Kierstin Lindkvist

Though Lindkvist was always intensely involved within her school, her engagement and dedication to her career extends past the campus. When starting at WVU, Lindkvist instantly jumped into WVU Athletics where she did work as a digital media intern, camera operator, director and a technical director. Throughout her time at WVU Athletics Videos, she eventually became their first female and student producer in August of 2020.

After graduating, she was equipped with even more skills to take on the industry. Following her time at WVU Athletics, Lindkvist made a move to KVAL-TV where she worked as a news multimedia journalist from January to August of 2022. While working this position, she had the opportunity to cover major events such as the World Athletics Championships, the WOW Hall mass shooting, and the 2022 Oregon wildfire season. This diverse range of events ultimately helped her round out her skills and gain experience in a multitude of paths.

2023 hasn’t slowed down for her either! As mentioned earlier, Lindkvist graduated from Northwestern University earlier this year and while she was working at earning her Masters, she stayed busy outside of the classroom working with Medill Reports as a multimedia journalist and even with Big10 Network/Studio N Productions as a StudentU Color Analyst and Production Assistant.

Courtesy of Kierstin Lindkvist

Lindkvist is always growing and making sure that she is building herself as the perfect candidate for her dream job. With all her experience, knowledge of the industry, passion and dedication, this makes her the perfect person to share some advice. During my time getting to know Kierstin, she shared many helpful tips and insights but two that not only did she emphasize but really stuck out to me. The first piece is fairly straightforward and a motto that I think everyone should internalize, you miss the shots you don’t take. This is important to remember when doing things like applying to jobs, if you have the attitude that they'll never hire me so you don’t apply, of course you won’t get the job.

That piece of advice fades into her second piece of always taking the opportunities you are given. Lindkvist stresses you learn just as much about what you want to do based on what you don’t want to do. You still gain experience and skills to take to the next place. If you have even the smallest interest in something, you should try it out even if it ends up not being for you!

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