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Famous Fans of the NFL

With only four teams remaining in the NFL playoffs, the season is starting to wind down and fans of the final four teams are getting excited. This includes each team's famous fans too. Do you know which celebrities cheer for each team in the AFC and NFC championships? 

Photo courtesy of Eric Stonestreet via Instagram

Chiefs: Eric Stonestreet

Modern Family actor and Emmy winner Eric Stonestreet has been a well known Chiefs fan over the years, but especially came to light in Super Bowl LVII. Stonestreet has been a loyal fan since he was a kid, when a Chiefs player signed a trading card for him. He has grown a friendship with head coach Andy Reid and has even dressed up as Santa for the team. Last year after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, Stonestreet hosted the NFL Draft in Kansas City and took part in the first day festivities. This year, the excitement continues as the Chiefs head to the AFC Championship for their sixth season consecutively where you can fully expect to see Eric Stonestreet. 

Photo courtesy of Eminem via Instagram

Lions: Eminem

If you know anything about the Lions, you know of rapper Eminem’s loyalty to the team. Eminem, or Marshall Mathers, is an American rapper (arguably one of the greatest of all time)and has been a huge Lions fan for years. Growing up outside of Detroit, Eminem has waited a long time for a playoff run like this one. The rapper has been to all of the Lions playoff games this year, and will continue to support his team in the NFC Championship.  

Ravens: Michael Phelps

Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated

The Baltimore Ravens are lucky enough to claim the most successful and decorated swimmer of all time, Michael Phelps, as a part of their fandom. Phelps has been a longtime supporter of the Ravens and the team has been a fan of him, supporting him in the 2008 Olympics. Phelps even walked out of the tunnel with the team in 2016. The 28-time medal winner has been long time friends with Ravens legend Ray Lewis and credits the hall of famer for helping him find motivation. 

Photo courtesy of Saweetie via Instagram

49ers: Saweetie

American rapper and singer, Saweetie has family ties to the San Francisco 49ers hence why she is a fan of the team. Her grandfather, Willie Harper, was a linebacker for the 49ers and even won the Super Bowl in 1981 with San Francisco. Saweetie released a Bay Anthem hype song for the fandom.

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