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Football in Fashion

In professional football, style has often been associated with sleek team uniforms or touchdown celebrations. However, beyond the gridiron, a select few NFL players have made a name for themselves as trendsetters in the realm of fashion. From dapper suits on game days to setting red carpets ablaze with their sartorial choices, these players have redefined what it means to be fashionable as a pro athlete.

Travis Kelce

Though the Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end recently gained a lot of attention for his love story with Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce has been blowing the football world away with his stylish looks for years. Kelce isn’t afraid of a fashion risk and that’s what makes his outfits so memorable. In an episode of the podcast New Heights hosted with his brother, Jason, mother Donna Kelce said in a way, she got a “girl” when she got Travis and referred to him as a “fashionista.” From his love for patterned pieces to his willingness to add color, the eight-time Pro Bowler has earned himself a certain level of respect in terms of clothing.

Photo courtesy of @killatrav/Instagram

DeVonta Smith

Also known as the “Slim Reaper,” DeVonta Smith of the Philadelphia Eagles takes his suit game rather seriously. Between his 2020 Heisman trophy acceptance, 2021 NFL Draft, and even just his travels to the stadium on game day, it’s obvious how much an outfit means to Smith. DeVonta Smith doesn’t want his suit to be only fitted—he prefers a painted-on look. Smith gets his perfectly tailored suits from a stylist out of New Jersey, Tom Marchitelli, who has also worked with Dak Prescott, Rob Gronkowski, and our next player, Joe Burrow.

Photo courtesy of @devontasmith/Instagram

Joe Burrow

Receiving national attention for his carefully crafted wardrobe, Joe Burrow of the Cincinnati Bengals has earned himself on the New York Times list of Most Stylish People of 2022. The quarterback has gained popularity thanks to his golden arm but furthered the people’s love for him with his fashion choices—most notably his Cartier glasses. He also frequently steps out in flashy tops and suits, never leaving a poor impression on fashion connoisseurs.

Photo courtesy of @joeyb_9/Instagram

DeAndre Hopkins

Given a nickname like “DHop,” DeAndre Hopkins has to live up to some high standards—including standards regarding style. The Tennessee Titans’s wide receiver has such an eye for fashion, that he even launched his clothing line in September. As if that wasn’t enough, he also models for IMG Models Worldwide, starring in the “Fear of God” fashion show in April 2023. DHop can always be seen sporting an expressive look, from his hairstyles to classy yet original outfits.

Photo courtesy of @deandrehopkins/Instagram

Odell Beckham Jr.

After playing for a plethora of teams, OBJ has had the chance to experience how different regions take on fashion. From various Met Galas to Oscar parties, Beckham impresses with his unique blend of patterns and textures. The Baltimore Ravens wide receiver always leaves an impression, whether it be with a casual tee and snakeskin pants or stepping out in suede monochrome for the Met. OBJ’s iconic field presence matches his pride in textiles.

Photo courtesy of Taylor Hill/Getty Images

In the dynamic range of the NFL, fashion has become an integral part of players’ off-field personas. Between stylish suits and daring streetwear, these athletes define what it means to be fashionable on and off the field. Reminding us that style knows no boundaries, the NFL’s most fashion-forward players continue to set the bar high in both worlds of sports and fashion.

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